Favourite kit in your collection

Hi all. I search the site and found a thread for “favourite kit.” But… I want to try something a little different.

My proposal is. Show your favourite kit:

Add the reason/storey to it.
Include 2 photos, a overall and a close up.

I figure we can keep this tread clean so it is easy for our peers to browse in the future. I also though it would be great for inspiration.

I’ll start it off. Hopefully you’ll join.

My absolutely favourite kit in my collection is the PG strike freedom. It is not my best work nor is it my most advance work. But the kit is just epic. When I built it I had not even done any painting. I just messed around with the taymia weathering kit(the one that long like make up for eye shadow). It took me a long time and lots of trail and error.

It was the first time I really took my time to build the kit slowly and thoroughly. I didn’t rush and I enjoyed it that much more. The fact the kit is so huge was a bonus. Previously to this. I wouldn’t often get half way through kits then feel pressure to finish them and start to rush the process. These days thanks to this kit I no longer rush to just get things done.

I look forward to hearing /seeing your kits.


For me, it’s Rezin Schneider’s Custom Geara Doga.

Such a fun kit to build.


Zaku Big Gun was a blast!


not a kit par say but this is my fave


Although Strike Gundam has always been my #1, I have to admit that Epyon is probably one of the best MGs ever released, if not the best.

After years of endless waiting, Bandai has decided to release one of my favourite as MG - Gundam Epyon the first year I attended university. It is also the first kit I bought with the money I earned. Below are a few shots of my MG Epyon.

Although Bandai did not adopt fully the design of Epyon from the animation, this kit is one of the few from the MG Wing series that did not disappoint me.


These 2 so far.


Picking a favorite for me is so difficult, so I’m picking a sentimental one.
PG Rx-78-2

This was my 2nd PG ever built, and my first fully painted PG. I have fond memories of painting this kit. It was one of those kits, where I didn’t worry about color or technique, I just threw myself into it.
Enjoyed the heck out of painting all the inner frame pieces. Was my first PG that I converted the LEDS to usb powered. To me (despite the mistakes) still looks good. Can’t wait to have the 2.0 next to it.


either the pg banshee, mg nu ver ka or the mg gundam the origin


This is my favorite so far, granted I just worked on this

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