Favorite mono-eye suits?

  1. Kshatriya, I just love this beast to death.
  2. Sazabi.
  3. Zaku II Commander Type(Char’s)
  4. Sinanju
  5. Bertigo

Those are mine.

Some of the cool ones in no particular order…
Gouf Ignited
Efreet (all of them are cool)

1: Sinanju
2: Kampfer
3: Bawoo
4: Z’Gok
5: Gouf Custom

Zaku baby lol

Zaku-II baby hahaha

  1. Gelgoog for sure
  2. Hi-Zack
  3. Gouf Custom
  4. Dom/Rick Dom
  5. Zaku II because you can’t forget the standard for which all others are judged by.
  1. Kampfer
  2. Hi-Zack
  3. Kshatriya
  4. Sinanju
  5. Zaku II/Gouf (tied)
  1. Kshatriya

  2. Sinanju

  3. Jesta

  4. Gouf Custom

  5. Geara Zulu

  6. Gerbera Tetra

Gouf Custom


Gera Doga

and any I cant think of lol

  1. Zudah
  2. Zaku II F2
  3. Efreet Nacht
  4. Kampfer
  5. Kshatriya

No particular order

Zaku II FZ
Gouf/Gouf Custom
Gelgoog Jager
Efreet (all of em)
Gouf Ignited
Geara Doga

Geara Zulu
Zaku II / Borjarnon
Zaku Sniper

Does the SUMO from Turn A count? I think it has a single eye as well.

  1. Gelgoog Jager
  2. Kampfer
  3. Sinanju
  4. Gouf Custom
  5. Sazabi

2. Sinanju
3. Zee zulu
4. Gouf Cusom
5. Zaku II Kai
6. Gelgoog Jäger
7. Hygogg
8. Geara zulu
9. Z’Gok-E

GMs are monoeyes too, you know :

  1. GM Type C
  2. GM Ground Type
  3. GM Cold District Type
  4. Zudah
  5. GM Custom
  6. GM Striker
  7. Gelgoog Sniper
  8. GM Sniper Custom
  9. Zaku FS II
  10. Zaku II HMT

As for AU :

Does SUMO Gold ,which is conspiciously one of my fav. non Gundam suits, count as mono-eye suit?
What about flags?

Hmmm, that’s true, they are and the same would go for Flags and the SUMOs. Unless the definition of mono-eye is specified to be of a circular cyclopean shape.

  1. DOM!!!
  2. Zaku II
  3. Sinanju
  4. Brave Commander Test Type
  5. Gouf Ignited
  1. MSN-04II Nightingale
  2. MSN-04-Shanel
  3. MSN-06S Sinanju
    4 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
  4. ZGMF-1017M GINN High Maneuver Type
  5. ZGMF-1017AS GINN Assault Type
  6. ZGMF-1017 GINN
  7. ZGMF-515 CGUE
  8. ZGMF-515AS CGUE Assault
  1. Gouf Custom: If you’ve seen the OVA you know why.
  2. Zaku II High Mobility R2: My favorite model of the old standard.
  3. Kshatriya: I hated the design at first, but once I warmed to it I really started liking it.
  4. The Gelgoog Jager: It’s a high performance Gelgoog with more aggressive looks and some awesome upgrades
  5. Rick Dias: It’s a practical grunt suit that stood it’s ground admirably against some really beastly suits.
  6. Zaku I sniper: I love the clean look of the Zaku I, and this one packs a punch.
  7. Dom Tropen (desert type): It’s a practical suit that excels in it’s intended use.
  8. The Kampfer: It’s lean, mean, and decimates almost all in it’s path.
  9. The Efreet Custom: Aside from the odd story and gimmick, I love the design of the Efreet Custom. The power and weapons make it a winner for me.
  10. The Sazabi/Sinanju: Both are red beast that perform well and have great weapons.