Favorite Gundam Villains

And I mean besides Char.
Anyway, mine are Treize, Alejandro Corner, Gihren Zabi, Master Asia, and Glemy.

Ribbons, Master Asia, Ali Al Saachez, Full Frontal, Rau Le Creuset, Cima Garahau, and Erik Blanke.

Char Aznable, Anavel Gato (Hes more of an antihero if anything but still hes the kind of Villan youd want to get behind), Rau Le Cruset (if only hes the only Villan on Seed who doesnt feel retarded), Haman Karm (lets face it, Who Doesnt Like a Femme Fatale), Trieze Kushranada (Suave, chivalrous…well that pretty much all i can say lol), Frost Brothers (Evil Brothers…nuff said), Ever single commanding officer in the Titans (Let me put it to you this way…when i saw them all die…i had complete and total satisfaction), Ever single big wig in the A-Laws (same feeling with the Titans), that guy Azrael (ticked me off), the new leader of Blue Cosmos from Destiny (i took great Satisfaction seeing him vaporized), Ali Al Sachez (lets face it, hes what Would have happend to Duo if he went nuts lol…)

Many of the names mentioneed above, plus… Ramba Ral. Seriously, this guy was amazing.

DAMN! why did i forget that guy…while were on Badass Villans with Goufs…Norris Packard

Imma make a list.

  1. Char: If you consider him a Villian, some people do, I don’t normally. Yeah yeah he wanted to plunge Axis onto earth but everyone has a bit of Crazy…least he wasn’t doing it for world domination.

  2. Haman Kahn: She’s smart, pilots one of the coolest suits of all time, and fights for a cause.

  3. Scirocco: Hell of Smart, designs some of the coolest suits out there (Namely The O and Messala) took controll of the titan’s despite having a contract with them, and bends them to his own Newtype driven whims, gets more ass than a Toliet seat as well. Not to mention he could be a such a troll at times.

  4. Anvil Gato: Like Kenyon said more of an Anti Hero than a Villian, like Char I could see my self following this guy, fights for a cause he belives in oh and did I mention he made the entire EFF look like fools because a few Zeonic remnants stole a top secret portable Nuke Launching Gundam, and droped a colony on them? Yeah, made them look like proper idiots.

  5. Treize: The guy has class, he’s like a knight up in there, and the Tallgeese II is my favorite of the III, dunno why but it is. Oh not to mention allot of the suits out there are designed by him or his men, like the Epyon IIRC.

  6. Ali-Al Sahchez: A Merc who just dosen’t give a crap, great pilot as he handed CB their asses despite them having better suits several times thoughout Season 1 of 00, and was still being a Bad Ass in S2. Did I mention Arche was just friggin Awesome.

  7. Graham Aker: He’s less crazy than Ali but did just as much trolling in S1, did take a hit in S2, but the Susano’o makes up for that, becomes a good guy in 00AoTB. Favorite Char Clone out there.

  8. Ramba Ral: Guy’s based of Irwin Romel and is one hell of a pilot, honerable cares for his men, hell he dosen’t even really count as a Villian in my book (Then again when it comes to MSG and UC as a whole allot of it isn’t so black and white as Evil and not evil) got killed because of M’quve droping the ball though. So a bit Resounding FU to M’quve.

  9. Ribbons Almark: Reminds me of something between CCA Char and Scirocco, the Reborns was awesome, and he had a god complex…honestly one of my favorite god complex’s out there.

  10. Rau: Like Kenyon said, the only Villan in SEED that wasn’t an Idiot, had a bit of a complex like Ribbons, and again had a bas ass suit IMO. Providence is awesome.

  11. Norris Packard: One hell of a guy here, Gouf Custom was insane, a real Soldier’s Soldier, in a OVA full of Grunts. Was an Ace but wasn’t all flashy about it he backed it up with Results not a flashy paint job.

This list is in no real order just as I thought of them. Well besides Char being the top.

I honestly liked Durandal.

Though that’s mostly because he was Char. :stuck_out_tongue:

Treize- Very intriguing because you never understand his true goals until he’s dead and lady Une orders the destruction of the Leo’s. One of my favorite moments was when he stopped that baby’s mother from rescuing her son from falling only to sit and watch as the son walked instead of crawled back.

Norris Packard- Awesome suit, good attitude, shame the ship he was helping and buying time for was destroyed anyway.

Ribbons- Arrogant and has a god complex, great combo.

Here’s my list.

  1. Char Aznable: I think this is already given. I was a bit neutral to him in Mobile Suit Gundam, but he became one of my favorite characters in the whole Gundam metaverse during his incarnation as Quattro Bajeena in Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta especially that episode 37. After the height of his character as Quattro, he plummet down in his craziness in Char’s Counterattack. I find him intriguing and very interesting like what made a great man like him to commit such actions during his entire time in the U.C. era. He had a hard life to the bitter end. Manly Tears

My personal favorite color is red.

  1. Anavel Gato: I agree both with Kenyon and ZRC. He’s like an anti-hero. He’s the first person that comes into my mind when Stardust Memory is being mentioned. One of the best thing I liked about this guy is that he’s not a newtype to accomplish so much in the battlefield. He’s a true Zeon hero. Manly Tears

  2. Ramba Ral: I grew to like this guy while watching Mobile Suit Gundam. He’s a good leader, a skilled soldier both in mobile suit and in foot. Plus, he has a hot lover.

  3. Andrew Waltfield: He resembles Ramba Ral a lot. It’s like he was based on Ramba Ral’s character. He’s pretty likeable and nice.

  4. Treize Kushrenada: I find him mysterious in some ways like he’s hard to read, but for a man who remembers the name of his soldiers and for a man who respected the Gundam pilots for taking a stance on losing battles.

  5. Graham Aker: He did not even care to know Setsuna’s name! “Ano shonen!”

  6. Ali-Al Saachez: His craziness matches his skills! It was very entertaining to see him giving Celestial Being a hard time against him. I was relieved and somehow sad to see him killed.

  7. Rau Le Creuset: This guy was crazy enough to help escalate the war further by doing things for both sides and yet no one from Zaft even suspected him. Very entertaining villain.

  8. Ribbons Almark: Looks down on humans with god complex. He’s very fitting to be the final boss on the series. Very satisfying to see him go down.

  9. Jerid Messa: He’s annoyingly entertaining! So glad he wasn’t killed until the later part of the series.

Uh…Andrew Waltfeld very obviously IS based on Ramba Ral.

This is SEED after all, which lifted elements (and sometimes entire episode plots) from the original Gundam.

I forgot about Watfield.

Damn it, add him to my list lol. Not to mention the BuCUE and LaGOWE are both bad ass IMO.

Ramba Fucking Ral.

If he remembers how to fight.

My top 5 villians are:

  1. Trieze
  2. Ali-al Sanchez
  3. Frontal? or just the Devil Gundam.

I seriously dont want to add any of the “Char”-types due to them being mostly anit hero over straight up villians. Trieze was the visionary evil guy, I mean he doesnt scream villian but once you figure things out I was well amazed. Ali is just a jerk face, but he has the legendary soldier status so again not sure why hes on the list. Devil gundam is just pure evil.

Rau Le Creuset is a Char clone, but he’s not the anti-hero type. He’s crazy.
Chronicle Asher is also a Char clone, but he’s too weak and doesn’t have much significance and did not left any lasting impact to be even remembered as a Char clone.

Technically speaking, a Char clone can be anyone with the ideals that Char Aznable had, or just his personality, or traits about being Char.

Athrun’s a Char clone, somewhat, he shared the same love interest with Kira (kind of) and he has a red mobile suit.
Master Asia is a Char Clone aswell. I don’t have to explain this.

Now then, Gihren Zabi. He’s not my favourite, but in terms of being a villian-, he fits.

I would have had Schwartz / Kyoji as a Char clone not Master. But thats not the point.

Schwartz and Asia are both char clones.

Asia in the CCA char sense.

Schwartz in the masked man Char sense.

I’ve always acknowledged Schartz to be the Quattro Bajeena part of G Gundam

Yeah that too.

Like Athrun was in SEED Destiny.

that old guy from Age Gundam,