Favorite Gundam Soundtrack

So whats your favorite Soundtrack from any Gundam series, OVA, or movie?

My over all favorite has to be Unicorn’s Just so much win. My favorite over all track has to be Banshee from Vol.3 (Track 1) just a great remix of Unicorn. (It was a Remix of Unicorn from Vol.1 IIRC)

So what’s your Favorite Soundtrack over all, and your favorite track if you want to post that too.

(Sorry if there’s allready a topic.)

What challenging topic this is. Sincerely speaking, I haven’t determined any myself. If I had to reveal it instantly, I’d select/choose “just communication”, Gundam Wing’s 1st OP.
Oh yeah, this might please you as well :


I would have to say its a tie between Gundam Wing’s main song or 0083’s intro song


Life and Death Gundam Gundam Unicorn sound track.

Hrmmm. thats a tough one. If I had to pick my favorite Gundam Soundtrack… I couldn’t. I have so many favorites.
BUT I have my lists.
this excludes Opening and closing themes

Gundam Wing’s and Endless Waltz’s soundtrack are the ones I grew up with. I enjoy all the tracks.(probably as close to my favorite I’ll get) [Ko Otani]
Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny has some REALLY good Tracks. [Toshihiko Sahashi is a WONDERFUL composer and I really Love his work]
Turn A Gundam [Yoko Kano is a fantastic composer, but he really sets the tone for the underated Turn A gundam]
Mobile Suit Gundam (original) just classic. I gotta pay Homage to the original. plus I think its burned into my head because of the countless hours playing Federation vs Zeon and such.
Gundam 0080 - not all but most tracks are really cool.
Gundam 0083 - This soundtrack is REALLY Good. almost perfect. it sets a tone for the Gundam series most others dont get.
G Gundam - Again, not all tracks are amazing but SOME ARE! King of Hearts gets you emotional… welll it gets to me anyway
Unicorn - Gah, wow. some tracks are so triumphant you just wanna jump out of your chair and Cheer, F&@% YEAH!!!
F-91 - it sounds almost Identical to the Empire strikes back.
Gundam 00 - If you can get away with the same 3 notes and create 4 soundtracks… you must be doing something right. but the music goes with practically anything.

That’s the exact reason Unicorn’s tops my list, Orchistral stuff from it, and the other stuff (like Banshee’s mash of that and the Sirens) was just mind blowing. Over all I’d saw every series has something I like int it.

Also agree with your point on 00’s lol.

Okay while Unicorn is my over all favorite soudtrack, and Banshee is my over all favorite from that.

this is IMO the best track in a gundam OST CCA’s Main theme.


Gundam Wing/ MSG Opneing its corny but catchy

Gundam Unicorn - Unicorn
Gundam 00, Awakening Of The Trailblazer - Final Mission

…they are quite the tracks. The tracks elevated their respected scenes and made it memorable.

Unicorn’s OST is simply AMAZING! Then again, there’s not much in the way of U.C. series’s that I don’t enjoy as far as soundtracks go. Turn A isn’t bad, I really like a good chunk of 00. Wing! has a great jazzy soundtrack! And X has some pretty decent stuff too…

Idk, it’s hard to pin anything down as number 1 when you literally have EVERYTHING ;-).

Nothing much needs to be said for this but… EPIC. Gallant Char from 0079.

Fleet Battle from Zeta Gundam

Manly overload! Prepare to melt while feeling ultimate pride!


Zeta intro

0079 all the way for me

Star chil duh ren - floy hoyyy!!!

This one’s not my favourite ost, but it’s decent, undoubtedly.


Before I went to Gundam Forums this morning, I was listening to these songs.



What were you referring to ?

Having seen 3 intros so far, I don’t know which one you meant.

Perhaps this one ?



Manly tears…

(Live Orchestra)
Gundam Unicorn - Unicorn


Such an epic track. I would’ve love to be part of the audience in real time.

(Live Orchestra)
Gundam Unicorn - Mad-Nug


All of TM Revolution’s songs from the Cosmic Era are a combination of awesome and win.

All of Two Mix’s songs from Wing are also a combination of beauty and win.

You gotta love Takanori’s Remix of Invoke!


And Takanori’s Meteor…This is my favorite Gundam Song!


Ever thought of English versions of any Gundam Opening Songs before?