Favorite Gundam Male

ba-ning chuuiiiii

huh,… I think Ive posted more favorite dudes Rather then Favorite Girls…

I might be feeling a little insecure right now…

It’s all in your mind.

Treize hands down. The man is true leader.

This guy knows whats up. either way…

Amuro and graham aker solo

Not enough love for Amuro Ray here!



The first one is sooooo worthy laughing at.

Hayato and Char are gonna be so pissed if they ever find out about that magazine.

They never liked Amuro anyway.

oh shit, now I know why CCA happened. he wanted to kill amuro AND destroy every copy of that magazine left on Earth.

Yeah, but what about the magazines still in space?
Speaking of that, isn’t Sayla on Earth during the events of CCA?

Well knowing that pervert Char there could be all kinds of possibilities.

he already destroyed all the evidence in space. and he wanted to destroy all the evidence on Earth…ALL OF IT (meaning sayla too). otherwise he would of had to cut out his eyes the second he looked at her, like so.

Char obviously didn’t know until the battle of A’Boa Qu because Amuro kept that mag in the Gundam’s cockpit.
But naw man, Char loves his sister. Maybe he loves her more than a sister… … …

Also, have you guys read Gundam Sousei? Chapter 12, page 3. Go check it out.

Hehe that was brilliant. But yeah I agree with Tomino’s sentiment.

I knew it!!! They all called me crazy, but I knew…I knew.

eww, gross man. char’s into pedophilia, not incest.

omfg, I am laughing so hard right now.

Char Aznable

Plus a red-painted one of these:

Equals this.

Pedophilia isn’t a crime in outer space, apparently.