Favorite Gundam Females.

Name your favorite Gundam female characters.

Mine are

Allenby Beardsley
Feldt Grace
Soma Peries
Kati Mannequin
Marida Cruz
Roux Louka
Four Murasame
Cagalli Yula Athha

Lacus Clyne
Cagalli Yula Athha
Relina Peacecraft

My favourite female characters are :

Lucrezia Noin
Tiffa Adill
Christina McKenzie
Kamil… nope , he’s a man xD
Sayla Mass


I’m going with Feldt Grace and Lacus Clyne.

IDK maybe its the pink hair… :smiley:

BTW Kira should have so been hittin Lacus and Meer. Twins? YESPLS!!! You could almost see the tears of a Lacus 3way that never was in his eyes when Meer got killed.

Haman Karn, Chara Soon, Aina Sahalin, Roux Louka, Four Murasame, Kycylia Zabi (from the UC)
Dorothy Catalonia (from Wing)
Ennil El (From X)
Rain Mikamura, Allenby Beardsley (from G)
Murrue Ramius, Natarle Badgiruel, Lunamaria Hawke, Meyrin Hawke (from SEED/Destiny)
Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Feldt Grace, Mileina Vashti, Soma Peries/Marie Parfacy, Kati Mannequin, Wang Liu Mei, Nena Trinity, Chall Acustica (from 00)
Lalaparly Madorna, Shanalua Mallen, Natola Einus (from AGE)

I think that’s all of them.

Soooo… all the crappy ones

I don’t think so. I can’t help that I am the one in a million viewers that actually liked the Seed series. I thought Lacus was a good character, along with Kira.

Feldt Grace is mai waifu~
Allenby is a bro
Haman is intense and sexy
Cima is a traitor but she backstabs so good
Four. Cried when she died.
Arisa is a winner.

Cima was awesome. How could I forget her she’s also a great villain and character.

I have to admit Feldt Grace was a favourite female from 00 series. Also, I liked Cima (wow, that’s how you spell her name? In the English dub, it sounded like they pronounced it as “Shima”) - she was just plain badass and evil.

I also can’t believe no one’s mentioned Kihel Heim or Dianna Soriel! I love them - I think they’re one of my favourite female characters in any gundam series! They’re pretty, they think fast diplomatically/politically (for example, I can’t believe how Kihel could’ve just made an amazing speech out of thin air that coincided with Dianna’s opinion!), and their personalities are not annoying and actually interesting unlike some other characters.

Others would include Haman, Tiffa, and Noin.

Marida Cruz
Ennil El = my waifu
tiffa adill
Arisa = More love

Christina Mackenzie
Marida Cruz
Aina Sahalim
Haman Karn
Rain Mikamura
Hilde Schbeiker (truth be told shes the only Female Character in Wing i actually liked lol)

Let’s see

Puru (Quebley Bias, and lolz factor)
Puru Two (Red Quebley Bias, and lol unstable Cyber Newtype bias, not to mention Quin Mantha)
Maridia Cruz (Only Female that IMO can go toe to toe with Haman, then again she was designed as a weapon)
All the Random Puru Clones (Quebleys, Qubeley’s everywhere)
Roux Louka (Only Female who can rock my all time Favorite Gundam, the Zeta)
Nanai (I think I’m the only one who liked her)
Allenby Beardsley (Allenby>>>>>>>>>>Rain yeah I went there)
Rain (dosen’t mean I don’t like her)
Feldt Grace
Audrey Burn AKA Minerva Zabi
Christina Mackenzie
Lalah Sune

Yeah, this about sums it up nicely…

In this order:

Haman Karn
Emma Sheen
Elpeo Puru
Allenby Beardsley
Four Murasame
Roux Louka
Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Add Lupe Cineau and Fuala Griffon, Cima Garahau and Cony Francis to my list.


Haman , Fa, Emma Sheen , Nena Trinity, Sumeragi Lee Noriega ,Kihel Heim, Rain

I think she’s really hot for some reason… What yall think