Favorite Gundam Ending

So it was recently asked what was your favorite Gundam opening. Well I thought, why ask what your favorite Gundam ending is. Mine is the second ending for Gundam ZZ.


Human Touch from Gundam X. Nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a close 2nd, but my favorite is Friends, the 2nd Gundam 00 ending theme. If you look up the lyrics, they are quite beautiful. Made me tear up a little.

I’ve seen most of the endings except the AGE ones, and I might have to give it to the SEED and Destiny endings, because unlike much of the other endings, these songs are incorporated into cliffhanger moments before the episode ends, and it’s kind of appropriate.

I’d have to say SEED and Destiny for me as well. Especially Life Goes On, love that song.

Original Seed, First Ending, Anna ni Isho Datta no ni by See-Saw. The Re-Tracks version that came out with the HD Remaster of Seed is even better.

Well since it played during the End credits, Beyond the Time from CCA.

BOOM! Beyond the Time was beast lol

Indeed it was. Indeed it was.

Don’t know why, but I Trust You by Yuna Ito in the second season of Gundam 00 was one of my favorites. I do also like the ending for Destiny, but I’m not sure if I like the song so much as the way they lead into it with music playing while the scene ends.

Hmmm best endings huh…for me I will go with Tsuki No mayo, second ending for Turn A, also the song that was played at the end of the series, and (believe it or not) BOTH ending for V Gundam, Winners Forever and Tenderness, though I could do without the flying naked baby at the end…

  1. Evergreen (2nd 0083 ED)
  2. Beyond the Time (CCA Ending)
  3. Amuro Forever (0079 ED)

For me its:

  1. Issenman Nen Ginga (Gundam ZZ ED 2)
  2. Beyond the Time (CCA ED)
  3. Winners Forever (V Gundam ED 1)
  4. Life Goes On (Seed Destiny ED 2)
  5. Magic (Gundam 0083 ED 1)

I bet on this one as well. Nice lyrics. Stephanie is a great singer too. She has awesome vocal chords that has a very high soprano range. I like the alternative upbeat music of that song. I fell in love in this song as well.