Favorite Gundam Anime Intro

Mine has got to be “The Winner”, from the first half of Gundam 0083.


It has to be that electric sax. Get me every time! :cool:

Resolution from Gundam X.

Amongst my favourites are:

Zeta Gundam’s second opening, Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete

ZZ’s second opening, Silent Voice

Gundam Wing’s second opening, Rhythm Emotion


Believe and Realize from Gundam SEED

Ignited from SEED Destiny

And Daybreak’s Bell from 00.

And X’s openings are both nice.

The Winner

Men of Destiny

Just Communication

German Gundam Wing opening

Italian Gundam Wing opening

Century Color


F91’s inofficial opening


Fly in the sky (frying the sky)

When it comes to the whole package (video and music), it has to be Daybreak’s Bell from Gundam 00. I would also say that Gundam 08th Team has the best video opening overall, and Rhythm Emotion is my favorite opening theme overall.

Century color…the visuals on that opening are just meh but whenever my music player gets to that song, the volume goes up!

The opening I liked that have not been mentioned yet:

Gundam AGE opening 3: Real and 4: Aurora

V Gundam opening 1: Stand up to the Victory, and 2: Don’t Stop, Carry On

SEED Destiny opening 2: Pride

Ash Like Snow, the second 00 season 1 opening. Best one I’ve heard.

You know what, I change my mind from Daybreak’s Bell to Ash Like Snow in being the best Gundam Opening Theme.

My personal favorite is the Siege of Zeta from the English release of Zeta Gundam. I really love the original Star Wars movies, and that intro reminds me of the favorable comparisons I can make with Mobile Suit Gundam/Zeta Gundam and Star Wars.