Favorite female Gundam character?

Mine is Marida. She’s the first female main I actually liked. She has a great deal of depth to her which I think is really cool.

I’m pretty sure we had this before, hahaha. I suppose that was for like the top 10 or such.

Well, my tastes keep on changing, I’ve always liked Four Murasame. I actually heard about her character before watching Zeta, only until watching Zeta did I appreciate her character development (if you can call it that).

I like Marida too, yes. She’s the best new kind of character they could have thought up, hope to see her in upcoming projects (unless she dies…)

we don’t care, we love the Women…

^I can name a few that I didn’t like. Katejina is friggen’ insane bitch.
I liked those other girls from V though.

thats Funny because I happen to have a list of Felmale characters i hate!

Katajina is the Embodiment of PMS.
She IS pure Evil!

Flay is also up there as Stupid and insane chicks

and Quess, UGH! I get pissed every time i see her or mention her name!
Enough said… move on.

everyone of the female leads in Gundam Zeta
(aside from Emma and Fa) yes Fa is annoying but much like Fraw bo she has a stand of likability.
I’m talking about all the womanized wet blankets that Schiracco womanized. Sarah, Reccoah and all those miscellaneous pilots in-between.
and Four, yes I said it! I liked Fa over Four! Four was about as exciting a bowl of grape nuts. the firt few bites are interesting to say the least but over time it becomes a bland bowl of wet sawdust. maybe there is something more to it… nope just a bland character to fall in love with our other Bland character.

that red head trinity sister from OO. I forget her name its like Nina Trinity?
whatever, she was an itch with a Big B! why are all anime redheads Imps?

well thats my 2 cents of hate.

Okay, so I suppose you like all other females with the exception of those ones? This is a thread about favourites.

I have to agree though. I Fa was annoying but lovable. Frau Bow on the other hand was naggy, but not annoying.

Now Flay, I did hated Flay, but I liked her in the end. She reminded me of a ‘girlfriend’ I had. I wouldn’t even call her a girlfriend, she was more like a girl that paid more attention to me than most people. Okay, she is a girlfriend. Well, Flay reminded me of her, becuase she wanted so much attention, all the time.
However, like that girl I knew, Flay turned out alright toward the end as she died. The girl I knew parted ways with me, but I was harsh on her for breaking my heart, but it’s kind of the same there. Flay is okay. Not my favourite, but she’s okay.

Notice how Flay dies like Bardock from DBZ when that shuttle explodes?

We already have this thread dont we?



if I had the chance, I’d pull off the sane thing RLC does and make flay my maid and “slave”.

But I’d still go with fa for I reckon, it is neat to have someone who very much cares about you so you have someone meaningful to care for in return

Oops I goofed. Facepalm*.

dont you mean “Gouf-ed”
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

(bad Joke is Bad!)

I think it’s okay, I mean that thread has become somewhat one sided now, and we need a new thread.
Remember the ‘favorite gundam music’ thread?

Anyone up for a “Favourite Gundam Male” thread? (hahahahah…)

Concerning Fa now, I’d say Miriallia is an ‘expy’ of Frau Bow, over Fa, wouldn’t you say?

Sorry kids, time to ruin my reputation.
Am I the only to really like Lunamaria Hawke? For sure favorite Female, of all time.Roux Louka is a pretty cool cat, but nothing compared to Luna. Sure, she sucked and really looked like an idiot when facing Athrun, but still. She was really fun to watch, she had spirit, personality, and extreme character death. If it weren’t for Rey pressuring Shinn, and Shinn pressuring Luna, and Luna loving Shinn, I’m pretty sure she would have joined Athrun and Meyrin. But hey, kids will be kids.

speaking of Ruined… did you watch the English Dub?
Lunamaria was at the top of my lift forever, UNTIL…

Need i say more?

Wouldn’t this thread be running along side the “Waifu” thread?

Anyhow, if I had to pick one- it would have to go to Allenby Beardsley.

And RuinedExia- while I don’t agree with your choice (loathe SEED with every fiber of my being), it would have been worse if you said Relena.

I’m ashamed to say that I really really really love the English dub of Destiny…
Cagalli in Destiny = least favorite. Ever. Just a whiny bizzatch

Oh? Is this a waifu thread? Then I’ll have to go with Cima on that one. The rest aren’t waifu material. pans head down and shakes
REAL woman ftw.

I may have one more unpopular choice. I would go for Murrue Ramius. There is a silent promise that there is more to her than what is shown.

FINALLY. Someone that can see past Murrue’s wall of illusion. There is more to that woman than meets the eye. (Or is everyone concentrating on Jesus Yamato to take notice of Murrue?)

You know what I mean. There is something lurking just behind the facade. She was probably meant as a much deeper character than shown so the mystery remained which I find incredibly attractive. Plus she is actually a full grown woman and not a teenage girl. Her and Mu La Flaga are my favourite people in whole SEED universe.