Fave head sensor system

What is your fave head sensor type? Mine is and always will be the mono eye system seen on mostly zeon MS but others too.


Mono-eye, but mostly the cross-designs like Dom and Dreissen.

Gold face-plate like the Flags.

The BUGS. The bug-eyed suits of the Zanscare Empire.

And the gas-masked ones of Crossbone Vanguard.

You don’t see it that much in Gundam now, but as far as looks go, I like the long thin head look with the Mono-Eye, and the antenna on the back. Think the anime Appleseed.

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That design is in armored core too

Always thought that Appleseed one looked like the Patlabor units.

I’ve always liked the Federation-style visor that their grunts tend to use. GMs, Jegans, Jestas, etc. They just have the coolest heads.

I don’t know man, I do like how Jegans look, but I kinda don’t like that visored look.

Agreed, but Appleseed always comes to mind first, I like the Patlabor designs too.