Fanmade Gundam-based TBS game

Hi I’m Freighttrain and I’m making a Gundam-based TBS game, here is some eye candy:

This is a Venn diagram showing the different battlespaces that combat can take place in, and how they interact with each other during gameplay, each battlespace has its own specific dynamics that interact with a player’s units and other variables.

Depending on the battlefield chosen during the pre-gameplay sequence, more than one battlespace may be included in any particular game, and many units have mobility in more than one battlespace and some can even strike an enemy from a parallel battlespace. Units that are able to may instead (instead of moving within a single battlespace) spend a turn moving to a parallel battlespace to engage or evade an enemy, or as a stepping stone to the next battlespace in order of altitude etc.

Updated links:

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So is this going to be software, or miniatures?
Either way, as someone who has gone down this rabbit hole in the past, I highly suggest starting with a working example, and going from there.

It would in a board game format with cards, though I don’t know why you’re calling it a rabbit hole, also see my third reply here for a bit more information, ignore the mean comments from those sad sacks that follow.

In my case, I was using the term to mean that youre starting with a simple fun idea; to make a game. Its ballooning rapidly in complexity and necessary content. There needs to be a short term stopping point at which you can use as a goal. Not neccesarily to end it, but to take it in steps.
Like get the system working for a space leo vs gundam wing or whatever.

I’ve done similar problems with software, and consequently never get anything done. In the software business its called scope-creep.
Also mahq forums have been toxic since at least when I joined, back in like 98 ish? They do have a point.

Ok well with a board game format there is no problem with software limitations or required expertise, also those guys on MAHQ were just being mean, I think they’re jealous.