This is completely and utterly your decision, you do not need to share any information with anybody at any point unless you do so yourself, but feel free to share your facebook if you wish to friend anyone from the forum.


This is mine, just in case anyone would want to. Mind the picture, that was a lovely picture taken in High School.

Eh why not? I’ll except anyone just about lol, and It’d be nice to have a few gundam fans to talk to on there.


Yeah I just made that name link thing just now found out you can do that lolz.

Why not! Yay for more friends.



I might as well get on the band wagon. heres my profile.http://www.facebook.com/B Gundam

might as well jump on the band wagon.

heres my profile: http://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=entertainment#!/profile.php?id=100001945479689&sk=info

Also the Email Address listed is Not My real Email address. My bro Ghost Shepperd Ripped me off. in case any want to know what my real address is pm me. lol
PS: been trying to edit my profile by removing stuff but cant remember how, can anyone help?

Under your profile in the upper right corner there should be something that says ‘Edit Profile’. Just click that and you should be able to do whatever you want~

sadly ive tried that already, lets say you wanted to remove say a picture from your music faves. well im trying to do that and i dont seem to remember how to do that hahaha.

BTW: dont trouble yourself with sending messages and stuff like that to my Facebook page. i never look at the dang thing and i prefer Gundam Forums over Facebook anyday! i just have a profile for the Heck of it, lol.

Might as well put my 2 cents in

Oh yay, Friends that like G on facebook! I ‘quit’ facebook a while back because the only thing people talk about there are their failing relationships…


I’ll add you guys.

PS: Could somebody tell me how to remove the best friends update? Those updates are one of the reason I quit.





Here is mine to anyone that would like to add me.


Mani Dasoju. I have a gundam cover photo and so u should be find me like that. If not here is my link. http://www.facebook.com/ManidharD?ref=tn_tnmn

Just keeping this thread alive.

lol its dead

Atleast it’s not a twitter thread.

Speaking of FB, does anyone belong to the Gundam 00 Fanclub? https://www.facebook.com/pages/GUNDAM-00-FANCLUB/116287481722879?fref=ts

These guys are super lame, and if they post here, go $)*( yourself. They banned a bunch of us, because apparently they can IP check (which is bs on fb, especially since we all live around the world) and we’re all the same person. Just because we agreed with someone with a different opinion.

I hear they banned that Ed guy from youtube as well. lmao

00 Fanclub? Might sound like the kind of guys only familiar with 00 and not the UC. Those guys make me sick.

We had a local channel here that aired SEED. Now whenever I bring up the mention of Gundam, they immediately believe I’m talking about SEED.
shakes head in disgust

Now I think this has been asked, but why doesn’t Gundam Forums have it’s own FB Page?

Yep, I got banned just a few days ago as well. I had actually been trolling them with ED. Tbh, I got banned because I’d been telling them how weak 00 QanT was in comparison to God and Master Gundam. lol.

Just an inofficial page. I guess a group would do better.