F91 Vs The Unicorn

Ok, so apparently the F91 is a newer model than the Unicorn and it is also very powerful, but it’s hard to see that it would destroy the Unicorn. I mean, the Unicorn fucking raped the kshatriya without even breaking a sweat. Would the F91 really be able to defeat the Unicorn even if it is a newer model?

I’d say no, especially if the pilot of the F91 is a Newtype, if they’re an old type (which would also be a tad useless in an F91 with the Bio-Computer, if it was an MP modle which IIRC didn’t have one and was basically the same specs in Crossbone then maybe) then it would be faster, and it has firepower that is somewhat comprable to the Unicorn with it’s VSBR’s mainly in terms of it can keep fire going where as the beam Magnum which is a power house is pretty slow fireing compaired to those.

The F91 is also allarround more manuverable the Unicorn is for it’s time and hell can give it a run for it’s money in Destory mode.

TLDR I give the Unicorn the advantage…but in the right situation the F91 could also take the advantage.

The only thing in the future of the UC I can see outright giving the Unicorn a run for it’s money is the V2. And even then the Unicorn could do some damage. The Gaia Gear may also lay some smack but it’s well over a 100 years newer than the Unicorn and it’s Non-Cannon.

If I recall correctly, I once found a discussion concerning this topic being discussed on YT. According to what I comprehended, Unicorn was supposed to surpass/transcend F91.

Well it depends on what we’re compaireing…when it comes to manuverablity, I’d give it to the F91…unless NT-D is active then it’s more or less the same…untill F91 activates the Bio-Computer and starts making insane speed levels, the thing left after images in it’s wake.

Over all the Unicorn can hit like a fright train…and still be semi-fast to fast, but the F91 is limit breaking if need be when it comes to speed.

Hmmm i think this is a good battle. I havent watched ‘’ F-91’’ series but ive read up on it and it pretty impressive, but i’d have to say the Unicorn its armed so well with its destroy mode, and its Beam Magnum . The other question would be who is piloting these suits? But my money would be on the Unicorn

It also depends on the Pilot.

But personally I’d Like to think the F-91 would own the Unicorn.
The F-91 is faster and it has the Afterimages and the Bio-computer! plus the F-91 is smaller so I figure it’d be harder to hit.

but the Unicorn is SO OP, I’m sure It would swat the F-91 out of the sky with one hit. :frowning:
don’t get me wrong. I love both suits but I’m more partial to the F-91.

Depends on how powerful true unicorn mode is.

I’m think just because its a newer model doesn’t necessarily mean its better, keeping in mind that f91 was created by a not so efficient federation at the time and was just a prototype like most gundams, while the Unicorn was a one of a kind (discounting the banshee) suit created by the powerful vist foundation with technology that’s never been utilized like this since

If you think about this, it’s like asking who would win in a fight between the original RX-78-2 Gundam or the Zeta Gundam. It’s obviously the Zeta Gundam, because it’s newer, faster, stronger. As time goes on, the basic standards for mobile suits increase, and in The series Zeta Gundam, even just a Rick Dias was more powerful than the good old RX-78-2. Due to the F91 being a newer suit, and like a whole freaking ton newer, I’d have to give this fight to the F91. Just it’s basic stats in real time would annihilate the Unicorn. Also, the Unicorn’s technology would be outdated in like 5 or 6 years after Unicorn happened, anyway. Just look at Hathaway’s Flash.If the Unicorn Gundam was so amazingly great, why did they continue to create better, newer suits? That’s because the Unicorn got outdated. It’s normal for every suit and series. Like in 00 season two, when Exia took on an Ahead. Sure, it stood a chance, but it was so old and outdated that even if it was in full shape it couldn’t have won (Unless he cheated by using Trans Am)
So what I’m getting at, is that F91 would annihilate it because it’s an older Gundam.
but if they created a New Unicorn in the same time Zone as F91?
F91 is muffed.

Gotta give it to the F91, mostly because Seabook Arno is the most skillful pilot in all of UC, and perhaps all of Gundam. Also, the VSBRs are one of the most underrated weapons in all of Gundam.

The F91 is stronger, better armed instantly, MUCH smaller, MUCH faster, it emits after images when producing excessive heat.

It is all that makes sense. Not only would it win, it’d devastate the Unicorn.

The thing is the argument can be the Gundam Unicorn was made before F91 in the Gundam verse but when Gundam F91, Hathaways Flash, Victory Gundam they we’re created before Gundam Unicorn was even thought of. If there was something like an NT-D, and Full Mobile Suit Psycoframe like the Unicorn why stop there the next generation should be better.

What I’m saying the F91 takes place after Unicorn in Gundam chronological time but Gundam Unicorn was created 10 years in our own time and Unicorn Gundam was even taken into consideration at the time of F91 development.

I’m not saying the Unicorn would win but it’s just weird.

F91 is more versatile it’s way more versatile than Unicorn it can fly, it’s faster and it has decently powerful armaments but it’s fire can’t be compared to the Beam Magnums power that things destroyed suits by just grazing them.

Well the NT-D puts alot of strain on its pilot, you also have to conside a potential run-a-way Psycommu problem not to mention the feedback. Its not a very practical MS, the F91 is a practical MS where its advanced systems could be put into mass production, the Unicorn can’t. It would take a skilled and powerful newtype to take advantage of the Unicorn abilities but other than the weapons and I-field, nothing about the Unicorn could be translated into a production MS

I agree with this the F91 is a mass porducation suit and a very powerful one at that. My thing is that why stop construction on Psycommu and Psycoframe? Why wasn’t there a modern unicorn like suit or an advanced Unicorn like suit in the late UC? It’s still a powerful weapon.

Because the strain it puts on the pilots, not to mention as I said before the possibility of a run-a-way psycommu or hell even its mention when pyschofields resonate they can cause all sorts of damage. Its probably expensive to produce and you can’t fully control it because you can’t always control a pilots will.

Yeah the Unicorn and the NT-D system provide fewer benefits than it does risks if you really look at it, it will serve no real long term productiveity in a Mass production suit assumeing you could mass produce it seeing as I doubt it would be cost effective, the Psyco frame it’s self is though and has been in a few MP suits like the Zorin Soul.

But yeah something like the Bio Computer of the F91 is allot easier to produce, yes it requires a Newtype to tap into (the NT-D dosen’t need a Newtype pilot per se but to really harness it it does) but the suit over all dosen’t.

Also IIRC the F91 didn’t enter full MP untill it was 10 or so years out of date allready, and even then it wasn’t like it was a GM in terms of how Common it was it was reserved for the cream of the crop really. Still impressive they were even able to produce it as a command/ace type MS as it was a full on Gundam Level suit.

Perhaps the details of Unicorn 7 will shed some light onto why the psycho frame seems to have died out in the later UC, some of you who have watched F91, read Crossbone Gundam, and watched V gundam might notice that between F91 and V the emphasis on the newtype seems to disappear, so much so to the point that Uso being a newtype in V Gundam was treated like a ultimately special being as if a newtype was some unheard of phenomenon. I understand that newtypes are still few and far between but by the time V gundam rolls around you would think some of the more famous newtypes would have been well imbedded in history such as Amuro, Char, Haman, maybe Scirroco, certainly not to the point where they are mythical as V gundam would have you think.

Now that I think about it I think that seabook said there was minor psychoframe components in the F91 in the English dub version, i’ll have to go back and watch it but that might have simply been something lost in translation, or my memory being bad again.

Also I think the F91 is the superior machine as it can easily defeat unicorn outside of NT-D mode and NT-D does not last very long and the F91 can simply outrun the Unicorn until the NT-D wears off, assuming there was a pilot who couldn’t handle taking on the NT-D head on, if its Seabook vs Banager, Seabook is going to hand the unicorn over to Berah as a trophy.

The Angel Halo in V Gundam was full of Newtypes.

Just saying.

Yet another inconsistency and confusion of newtypes in the late UC le sigh

Im surprised I forgot about that big one heh

Plus the inconsistent level of technology. It is possible that between Unicorn, F91 and Victory there were periods when technology stalled or was lost so new gundams and suits were developed from the left overs.