Exia Ignition - damage parts for free


I finished building an MG Exia Ignition but didn’t go the damaged route. All damage parts are still on runner except cloak and the cloak fastener.

First come, first serve. These aren’t for sale - I’ll give them to you. The catch is, you pay for the shipping. I live in Asheville, NC.

I’ll update with pics when I get home.

PM me if interested.

EDIT: Part no longer available.


Hey man I’m definitely interested. I happen to live not too far from you in the Cullowhee area And I will be in Asheville at the VAMC on the 27th of this month.

I had a guy send me a shipping label this morning. So, unfortunately I won’t have it as of tomorrow. Otherwise, damn… That would be a quick easy handoff as I’m on the cusp of S AVL and Arden

NP, I keep forgetting to check the forum. Hey sence your in there area I’m part of a FB gunpla group for our area. It’s WNC ETN Gunpla Force if your interested check it out we are always looking for local members.

Hey there Shawn, I got the parts in the mail today. Thank you so much for them. I will show u some pics in the future when I build this one. Thanks again.

Glad they made it and have a home. I look forward to seeing what youve done with them !

Yeah it will take some time. Right now I’m working on a MG crossbone. Unfortunately I lost the clear eyes piece so once I finish everything else I’ll see what I do about that part.