exia-7's build thread

I guess now is as good a time as any to start my build thread.

My current project is the MG 1/100 Crossbone Vanguard Gundam X1 Version Ka. This is my first ever MG kit as well as first 1/100 size kit. I think for this go round, I am going to just assemble it. Whenever I get the gear for painting then I will disassemble and add details. Hope this turns out awesome!

The MG 1/100 Crossbone Vanguard Gundam X1, Ver. Ka

This set of runners is maybe a bit more than I’ve tackled before compared to the RGs I’ve built (maybe by 1 or 2 runners :P)

I’m only working on one or two components of the body a day. The first is the front chest of the Crossbone. You can’t tell in this picture, but I cut a bit of one of the crossbones when I was removing the nubs. The ends of the bones have a curved feature to them, but one of them now has a flat edge where I cut it off :confused:

This head piece was done yesterday. I was gonna opt out of using the foil stickers for the eyes, but I have yet to get any paint so this will have to do for now.

More to come later!

1st. A goof cutter is worth it’s weight in gold (well probably not). 2nd. On small pieces. what I do is that instead of using the flat side of the cutter against the part. I use it against the spruce side. This using keep you from cutting or nipping into the part. It does leave a large nub but once the part is off the spruce, it will be much easier to trim that down before filing/sanding.

Wow, it really does look similar to the Crossbone X2 Ver. Ka, minus extra runners for new equipment and waterslide decals. I’m curious to see if you encounter any issues with loose limbs, as some people have reported (or maybe that was for the Full Cloth version).

Regarding the nubs, you can try sanding them away instead of using the knife, at least for those in difficult areas.

I’ve read the same thing about loose limbs. So I’m curious as well. Build looks good so far man. I couldn’t see the more flattened side of the crossbone. So it might be as noticeable.

As a matter of fact, I did come across some issues when putting together the left arm. It does feel loose and some of the parts didn’t lock in place like the opposite arm. Hope that it doesn’t lead to bigger problems down the road.

I hate it when a kit gives me issues early in the build. It makes me all nervous that it’s going to turn out to be a big hassle. I hope that you don’t have any more problems or issues.

Been slowly working on this Crossbone, but it’s close to being finished.

The core fighter was fun to put together, although I did run into some problems. The front nose and cockpit area are supposed to fold down and somehow pushed down as well in a weird way so that the core fighter can fit into the back of the chest piece. I was trying to do this following the image in the manual but still it was confusing. I was afraid that if I applied too much pressure pushing down the cockpit would break. The white side vent hatches is where the cockpit pivots to fold down, but the damn thing was stiff and felt like the cockpit was too locked in to move anywhere. However, I did manage to fold it down without breaking and put it back up with ease.

The parts for the rear of the core fighter. I really like look of the thrusters and may plan to paint them at a later time (for now, this will just be an out-of-box-build.

Tada! Core fighter complete! Well, sorta. Didn’t stick any of the stickers on it yet, not sure if I will. Still looks cool though.

The body is almost done and then gonna do the weapons too. My first MG is almost complete… I think I might T_T

Nice work so far man. A good clean build. And yeah those transforming/core fighter suits can do that. You did the right thing by not forcing it.

Yeah, if a part isn’t moving or is too stiff, never force it. Something will break more often than not. Taking the slowest option is always the best, unless you prefer to wait for replacement parts, haha. I’ll be looking out for this same issue when I start working on my Crossbone X2.

Good work with the core fighter, though. Can’t see no nub marks.

Wow it has definitely been awhile since I added to my WIP thread! I’ve built several kits in the mean time but guess I was too lazy to post a WIP. But alas, I got a neat gift from my girlfriend for Christmas. She knows how much I love Gundams and gunpla so she got me a RG Zeta!!! (a couple months before, she got me a sweet Gundam Unicorn t-shirt) So I finally started to work on it, and this time I think I’ll document my journey.

This will just be an OOB to begin with. The head is what I assembled first.

So many runners…

I was going to use the green eye decal but decided to go with the clear, that way, in the right lighting, his eyes kinda glow.

Im very intrested in this Zeta gundam build. Strongly considering geting one.

Oh cool, that’s a really nice gift. I’m looking forward to seeing what you think about the transforming gimmick, if you’re going to use it at all.

I get what you mean about the eyes, especially for an RG kit. You can’t really see them unless the lighting is just right.

That’s a good gift. Never really been a fan of the Zeta, but the RG sure does make it look good.

Looks like it was a leg day!

Those are some bulky legs he’s got.

So what I’m doing is removing all the parts from the runners needed for the limb I’m building, denubbing them, then snap them together. My plan is that once I snap build it all together, I will then take it apart in “chunks” if you will and sand them down. I feel like this would require me to only sand areas that would be visible.

Does this seem like a good approach or am I just wasting my time?

I think it’s a good approach. It’s similar to priming a kit in sections rather than individual pieces; you save time and you only work on the areas that need it. It also lets you see which nubs need more attention to ensure you don’t actually sand/shave off more than you need to.

Yea sounds like a good idea too me too.

I agree that it does sound like a good idea. I would love to do that practice with my kits. However I have a horrid fear of taking a kit apart after putting it together.

Finally got around to working on the Zeta a bit more. Finished up the legs and snapped together the main portion of the upper torso.

Even though it is a foil sticker, I like how the kit is focused on detail. That gold sticker for the elbow joint was pretty hard to place in there, but it provides a good sense of detail to the kit, especially if I chose not to paint down the road.

Hopefully I’ll get the arms up and going soon, then the remainder of the kit.

Edit: Forgot to mention that since this is a transforming mobile suit, it’s pretty fragile. I nearly broke the chest plate and the antennas while trying to fold the chest over the head. The head starts out in the mid torso (I assume for the transformation mode) and you have to pull it up then flip the chest over it for mobile suit mode.

It’s surprising how much that single sticker on the elbow helps to enhance the look of the kit. It seems that review someone posted here some days ago was spot one in terms of transforming the kit. Probably not worth the effort and damage risk to do it.