Eureka Seven: AO

Just found out about this. New E7 series titled Eureka Seven Astral Ocean is in the works. Judging by the pic, it looks like it’ll premiere in April 2012.

this is gonna sound interesting. the original was pretty good imo, so im hopin that this sequel series will live up to the Orig.

Suppliment Note: Looks like the Son of Renton and Eureka is gona pilot a Nirvash 2.0 in this one.

This looks…interesting. I’m going to have to re-watch the original series. I missed some of while it was running on [adult swim].

I can’t wait for the US release of this

Well this series was just released in the US with a dub, anybody have any comments on it? As for AO I liked it more than the first series, better music, mechs, monsters, and it still kept much of the atmosphere of the original (at least I thought it did). I still prefer the movie though. dodges bricks

I have posted my thoughts on E7AO somewhere around here but to reiterate, I really did not like the original, it never managed to catch my attention but AO got me right form the start, it had better…uhh…everything you mentioned Duel, I like AO except for one minor(major) detail, the ending, god did I hate that ending. No spoilers but it should have ended with Ao correcting everything instead of the way it did. I do dig the idea that its a sequel that takes place in the past, that kind of confused me for a couple episodes at the beginning.