Epic Speeches, and quotes of Gundam (One liners also welcome)

"Hail Neo Zeon"BOOOM!!! - random Neo Zeon soldier who toss grenade into room, but neglects to move neither himself nor his squadmates out of the vicinity of the ensuing blast. (Char’s Counterattack)

“It’s a Gundam!!!” - nameless Gundam Wing cannon fodder (and the last thought of MS mooks everywhere)

“If the whole world has gone crazy, then I’ll believe in myself and keep on fighting.” - Heero Yuy

“You’re… a girl?” - Captain Obvious, Jesus Yamato (multiple times…to the same girl!!!)

“I now claim this Mobile Suit and its Nuclear Warhead! Zeon shall rise again!” - Anavel Gato

“There is nothing more beautiful than a warrior with no distractions. One could say he is the closest thing to God.” - Treize Khushrenada

“What are you, crazy? Throwing a loaded gun.” - Athrun Zala (tell that to Kira)

“It’s a shame, really, I did enjoy her songs. But the real world isn’t as kind as the one in pop songs” - Rau Le Creuset (about Lacus)

“Those ships are run by a little girl and some Naturals! Why can’t you destroy them?!” - Patrick Zala (again about Lacus (see even in the series itself people don’t understand how Lacus does the things she does))

“That’s just the kind of thing a woman would think of.” - Wufei Chang

“Some people are just born complainers.” - Shinn Asuka (oh the irony)

and finally the greatest quote in all of Gundam, from the greatest moment in Gundam Seed (ruined by a series which shall not be mentioned or named)

“Didn’t I tell you I could make the impossible possible.” - Mu La Flaga

About the “Throwing a loaded gun”, Kira is Cagallis brother so it is possible that it runs in the family.

I cant remember exact quote but it was from Wing Endless Waltz. Duo Maxwell talking about Quattre, “If you give him enough time he will blame himself for absence of air in space”. I just laughed at that.

My Favorite (and if i already did it sorry lol)

Endless Waltz:

(Heero) Let me confirm, Your shelter is secure?

(Deikum Barton) What are you planning?

(Heero) Your Shelter is secure?

(Marimeha) Of course it is! Just see how powerless you reall are!

(Heero) …Roger That…

(Marimeha) GASP!

Wing Zero unleases its first Volley into the Bunker

“For the rebirth of the ideals of Zeon… For the success of Operation Stardust! SOLOMON! I HAVE NOW RETURNED!!!” - Anavel Gato

Dang it he got to it before I did!

Guess i’ll put in a quote from about the only good character in AGE

“We may look the same, but we are not, they are the enemy and they will stop at nothing to kill us all. We will only win once all the vegans are extinct.” - Flit Asuno talking to his grandson about the Vegans

Also its probably in here already but what the hell its worth it again!

“This is no ordinary Zaku my friend!” - Ramba Rol