Epic Speeches, and quotes of Gundam (One liners also welcome)

So this is inspired by the Epic speechs of Anime topic, just for Gundam shows (And books, and Manga) only. Also small quotes and such are welcome too.

One of my personal favorites.

"Do not dismiss! May I have this floor?
I begin by apologizing to the assembly and all Federation citizens. We mean no disrespect by taking over this meeting. I am Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena of the Anti-Earth Union Group. There’s one more thing I must disclose before my speech. I have another name:
I’m also the man who was known as Char Aznable!

I’ve come to you today as someone who carries within him the true aspirations of Zeon. Do not think of me as Char of the Principality of Zeon, but as the son of Zeon Deikun. Zeon Deikun’s legacy has nothing to do with the greed and hatred of the Zabi clan! Zeon Deikun did not build the Principality of Zeon! The Titans do as they please with the Earth Federation Forces. So it becomes apparent that they are worse than the Zabi family ever was. Humanity went to space so that the planet would not collapse under the weight of the people on it. Once there, they flourished, expanding their living space as they built more colonies on their own. Their success filled them with hubris and dreams of glory, leading to the creation of evils like the Zabi family. We mustn’t repeat that mistake! Why won’t people understand that their horizons will be expanded by moving into space? We believe that humanity should no longer pollute the Earth! But the Titans consist of people whose souls are pulled down by gravity. They think only of ravaging the planet! From the dawn of time, mankind has played in this cradle called Earth. But now, humanity must leave the nursery behind! Our infancy has come to an end! Tell me why, at this turning point, why must we fight amongst each other and further pollute the Earth!? The Earth should be returned to its natural state. And all humanity must live in outer space. Otherwise, Earth will no longer be “The Planet of Water”. Even this very city of Dakar, is slowly being engulfed by the desert. This is how exhausted the Earth is! Every one of us would like to see the Earth remain alive and beautiful. If so, we should not cling to the Earth like parasites just to fulfill our selfish desires! The Titans have started a battle, disregarding the lives of this assembly!

See for yourselves the brutality of their actions! They look down on the regular Federation Forces… and they label their opponents as evildoers! But their own arrogance is the greatest evil, and it will be the ruin of humanity!

Those of you who were watching that television should realize by now…this is how the Titans do their business! I admit it was wrong to take over this assembly. But what of the Titans who are trying to destroy it with its members still inside?! Even their own supporters!"
-Char Aznable’s Speech in Dakar during Zeta Gundam

“The people who try to kill me, and the people who fight against me, are my enemies.” - Heero Yuy

“Do what you want, the way you want to.” - Heero Yuy

“Only mankind has a god. A “God” by the name of “possibility”. A power that allows us to go above and beyond.” - Gundam Unicorn

“What lies beyong hatred and vengeance is nothing but an even greater sadness and loss! And it only becomes a seed for hatred.” - Saji Crossroad

“To hold back in fear over the possibility of something happening…sometimes you just have to reach out and take what you need instead of holding back.” - Fon Spaak

“You people walk your paths believing that something you desire is waiting for you, I walk it to comfirm there is nothing!” - Rau Le Creuset

(cant remember most of it so bear with me lol)

“The Eradication of Conflict By force!..And the Gundam shall Do that!..Together with Me!..Thats Right, Thats what i am!..what all of us are…Gundams!”

I’m gonna throw in the obvious one liner, no one has put yet.

“This is no Zaku…”-Ramba Ral

“No Zaku!” lol just though i should finish the job!

I memorize listening to char’s ending speech shown in CCA (Ok it’s rather a dialogue between Char and Amuro, but who minds regarding it as speech ?) :

Well, I’ve just found the american script that was used to dub CCA :

0:48:55.58 0:48:57.36 {~} I’ve won !
0:48:57.36 0:49:01.99 {~} My calculations show that the rear half of Axis will be pulled in by Earth’s gravity.
0:49:01.99 0:49:03.59 {~} You’ve overdone it !
0:49:03.59 0:49:08.00 {~} Don’t be an idiot ! I can push away one lousy rock with the Gundam !
0:49:11.50 0:49:12.90 {~} Don’t be ridiculous !
0:49:12.90 0:49:14.60 {~} You never know ‘til you try !
0:49:14.60 0:49:15.71 {~} Are you insane ?!
0:49:15.71 0:49:20.31 {~} Unlike you, I don’t rush things and haven’t given up on humanity yet !
0:49:24.01 0:49:25.72 {~} Axis has begun to descend !
0:49:26.60 0:49:28.72 {~} The Nu-Gundam’s not just for show !
0:49:40.02 0:49:41.83 {~} Use La Kailum to push Axis !
0:49:41.83 0:49:43.13 {~} Don’t be stupid !
0:49:43.13 0:49:45.54 {~} Are we just going to sit here while Earth is contaminated ?
0:49:45.54 0:49:48.00 {~} We haven’t confirmed that the Reurula’s destroyed yet !
0:49:51.50 0:49:54.15 {~} Captain ! You’re…
0:49:56.64 0:49:59.00 {~} The rear of Axis is accelerating !
0:49:59.00 0:50:01.10 {~} Check on the mobile suits’ movements !
0:50:01.10 0:50:03.05 {~} Y…yes, sir !
0:50:03.05 0:50:06.30 CF7 {~} Amuro… Are you still on Axis ?

0:50:12.70 0:50:17.00 {~} If I wanted you to spare my life, I wouldn’t have given you the Psycho Frame information !
0:50:17.70 0:50:19.07 {~} What ?!
0:50:19.07 0:50:22.50 {~} What’s the point of defeating pathetic mobile suits ?!
0:50:23.35 0:50:25.87 {~} However, this is ridiculous !
0:50:25.87 0:50:31.20 {~} Stop mocking me ! All you do is look down on other people !
0:50:40.38 0:50:41.48 {~} W…what is it ?!
0:50:41.48 0:50:44.30 {~} A heat source. Axis’ temperature is rising !
0:50:47.80 0:50:49.60 {~} C…Captain…
0:50:49.60 0:50:51.50 {~} What’s the matter, Nanai ?
0:50:51.50 0:50:54.40 {~} The Captain’s life is being drained away…
0:50:54.40 0:50:56.50 {~} Enemy reinforcements detected !
0:50:56.50 0:50:59.61 {~} The Federation mobile suits are coming from beyond Earth too !
0:50:59.61 0:51:02.21 {~} Isn’t that a computer image ?!
0:51:02.21 0:51:03.21 {~} It’s a real image !
0:51:03.21 0:51:05.21 {~} How many are there ?!
0:51:05.21 0:51:07.01 {~} And the ones from beyond Earth ?!
0:51:07.01 0:51:08.50 {~} They’re not allied forces !
0:51:11.01 0:51:12.71 {~} They’re coming from port side, too !
0:51:12.71 0:51:14.32 {~} Federation forces ?!
0:51:14.32 0:51:16.02 {~} That’s affirmative !
0:51:17.43 0:51:18.80 {~} They’re from the 88th fleet !
0:51:18.80 0:51:22.50 {~} Why ?! They’re all heading towards Axis.
0:51:27.43 0:51:30.90 {~} It says, ``La Kailum, recover the damaged mobile suits.’’
0:51:30.90 0:51:33.90 {~} But, why now ? Those guys…
0:51:35.54 0:51:40.05 {~} That light…Is that the light of the Psycho Frame Chan was talking about ?
0:51:43.74 0:51:45.00 {~} What are they trying to do ?
0:51:50.96 0:51:52.97 {~} What’s this ?! What’s going on ?!
0:52:06.77 0:52:09.67 {~} Stop ! You don’t have to do this !
0:52:09.67 0:52:11.77 CF5 {~} Go away ! Don’t come near me !
0:52:11.77 0:52:14.65 {~} What…? What’s happening ?!
0:52:14.65 0:52:17.50 {~} This was supposed to be a perfect mission !
0:52:19.29 0:52:21.79 {~} We can’t let Lond Bell have all the glory !
0:52:21.79 0:52:23.80 {~} But your suits can’t…
0:52:38.10 0:52:39.70 {~} The Ghira Dogas, too ?!
0:52:39.70 0:52:41.90 {~} It’s no use ! Everyone, get away !
0:52:41.90 0:52:46.11 {~} Either we save Earth or we don’t…it’s worth trying !
0:52:46.11 0:52:49.02 {~} But, some are still loaded…
0:52:52.72 0:52:57.00 {~} It won’t work ! The friction, heat and overload will just destroy you !
0:53:07.33 0:53:10.13 {~} Enough ! Stop, everyone !
0:53:10.13 0:53:17.00 {~} Sooner or later, this sadness will spread and destroy Earth.
0:53:17.00 0:53:24.65 {~} Man must punish mankind to atone to nature and the Earth.
0:53:24.65 0:53:27.80 {~} Amuro, why don’t you understand this ?
0:53:28.15 0:53:31.66 {~} Let go ! The Gundam’s power…
0:53:49.28 0:53:52.95 {~} This is the resonance from the Psycho Frame…
0:53:52.95 0:53:57.00 {~} People’s wishes are converging, and that causes it to overload…
0:53:57.38 0:54:06.00 {~} …but I don’t feel their fear. Rather, it feels warm and peaceful…
0:54:06.85 0:54:08.50 {~} Without doing anything, they…
0:54:19.41 0:54:23.21 {~} The mobile suits have been blown off beyond the curtain of light !
0:54:23.21 0:54:26.00 {~} Observe carefully. What’s happening…?
0:54:30.92 0:54:36.72 {~} I see… But even humans who have this warm heart can destroy Earth.
0:54:36.72 0:54:38.72 {~} Why don’t you understand, Amuro ?!
0:54:38.72 0:54:43.72 {~} I do ! Therefore, we must show the world this light from our souls !
0:54:44.72 0:54:48.73 {~} For such a man, you were awfully cold to Quess.
0:54:48.73 0:54:53.00 {~} I’m not a machine ! I couldn’t be a substitute for her father !
0:54:53.44 0:54:57.34 {~} That’s why…you treated Quess like a machine…
0:54:57.34 0:55:06.55 {~} So, Quess was looking for a father ? Because I felt it a nuisance, I made her a machine.
0:55:06.55 0:55:10.00 {~} It sounds so pathetic for a man like you.
0:55:10.65 0:55:15.25 {~} Lalah Sun could have become my mother…
0:55:15.25 0:55:18.16 {~} How someone who killed her can say that to me ?!
0:55:18.16 0:55:20.07 {~} Mother ? Lalah ?
0:55:28.77 0:55:30.07 {~} Captain…!
0:55:30.07 0:55:32.70 {~} Hey ! What’s wrong, Nanai ?!
0:55:32.70 0:55:34.80 {~} Axis is moving away from Earth !
0:55:34.80 0:55:36.38 {~} That’s impossible !
0:55:45.90 0:55:50.00 {~} Axis’ course change verified; it’s moving away from Earth !

“I wonder what the ships real name is? The name of a thing is the indicator of it’s existence. Then what if the name is not real? If it’s not real, would it mean that it’s existence is not real either? Is that what it would mean? Alex… No. Athrun Zala.”

-Chairman Durandal (GSD Episode 3)

“Neither will alone, nor strength alone, will be enough” - Lacus Clyne

Victory is mine! - captain norris

The only thing that makes this quote so good, was how awesome the pilot was.

"We have lost a hero to our glorious and noble cause, but does this foreshadow our defeat? No. It is a new beginning. Compared to Earth Federation the military resources of Zeon is less than one thirtieth of theirs. Despite this major difference, how is it that we have been able to fight the fight for so long? It is because our goal in this war is a righteous one. It’s been over fifty years since the elite of the Federation, consumed by greed began a war against our blessed empire! Never forget the times when the Federation has trampled us! We, the blessed children of God almighty, have had a long and arduous struggle to achieve glory for our great nation. Our fight is sacred, our cause divine. The war is at a stalemate. Perhaps many of you have become complacent.

The Federation has polluted our most cherished systems for merely the sake of their own greed! We must send them a message, but not composed of words. We have wasted too much time with words. We need action now. The Earth elite must be taught a strong lesson for their evil corruption. This is only the beginning of our war. We have been putting more and more money into our efforts towards making our military stronger than ever. The Federation has done the same.

Many of your fathers and brothers have perished valiantly in the face of a contemptible enemy. We must never forget what the Federation has done to our people! These Brave men have shown us these virtues through their own valiant sacrifice. By focusing our anger and sorrow, we are finally in a position where victory is within our grasp, and once again, our most cherished nation will flourish. Victory is the greatest tribute we can pay those who sacrifice their lives for us! Rise, our people, Rise! Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger! Zeon thirsts for the strength of its people! SIEG ZEON!"

Gihren may have been a monster but he gave a damn good speech.

Yeah, I was looking for the famous Sieg Zeon speech.

Andrew W.K. does it better than Ghiren!

“History is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever…” - Mariemaia Khushrenada

Um not to sound like a noob…but who in hell is Andrew W.K?


All you actually need to know. Outside of that album, Andrew W.K. isn’t all that great.

I memorize another one to mention : Duo’s quote (I personally know by heart for saying this could also serve as your own philosophy)

I may run and hide but I never tell a lie. That’s me in a nutshell, Duo Maxwell. (funny for Wing fans to hear because he acutally hides on the battlefield, by using his ECM Hyperjammers )

Another one mentioned in EW :

Oh, man, Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Sooner or later, he’ll start saying that there’s no air in space because he didn’t work on it hard enough. – Duo

An additonal one of our male chauvunist : Woman! Are you listening? Woman! – Wufei

The last one to mention is posed by our unmasked, discovered Char double: No, I’m dead. But, I can’t sleep in my coffin peacefully while the ghost of Trieze is around. – Zechs

I think that was the Pun of runing and hideing…he has a stealth suit thus he hides like you said lol. But still it’s a great quote. Wing had allot of good quotes that’s for sure.

“Gundam… gundam!..gundam is… THE ENEMY!” (Marida Cruz, Gundam Unicorn)

“I couldn’t change, I couldn’t so you’ll have to do it for me.” Lockon Stratus (00)

“2 machines? Pretty lean operation you’re running here, friend.” Lockon Stratus #2 <- Not sure why, but that scene always cracked me up :stuck_out_tongue:

the best quote ever by yours truly

What the hell can you hope to protect when your feelings are the only weapons you’ve got? - Kira Yamato

“Zechs, you’ve chosen one of the futures Epyon showed you. Of the futures Wing Zero showed me, I’ve chosen… (raises hand like a gun at Zechs on screen)” -Heero Yuy

“This time I won’t miss” Banagher Link Gundam Unicorn Episode 3.