Epic kits 2.0

Seeing as the old thread never made it over, here’s a new one!!

Not sure if want on this, but it looks kinda cool:

oh yeah I love that conversion kit only down side is the place were I found it you have to pay up front and when they get enough orders they will place the order with the company for the conversion kit and it could take as long as a year. Last time I checked they only had 3 people waiting and they needed 10 O.o

That is a definite want for me. When I get back on my craptop I’ll post some kits I found.

Huh, That evolve version looks like Strike, 0 Gundam, and RX-78-2 combined.

This isn’t so much an ‘epic kit’ as ‘help me find an epic kit…’

Probably a year or so ago, I saw photos of a heavily-modified G-3 Gundam (or at least it had those colors). Generally curvier/smoother, and I can’t believe I didn’t save the pictures. It must have either been a completely custom build or garage kit, but I didn’t save pictures or bookmark it, stupidly, and have never been able to find it again.

Longshot, but figure it never hurts to ask.

Hmm, the only thing I can think of after talking with some friends of mine is this:

But that’s a figure, not a kit. Special Creative Model EX is the line it’s from.

More pictures here.

THAT. IS DEFINITELY IT. Wasn’t sure til I saw the last few pictures on that page, but yes, that’s definitely it. Thank you so much!

A bit sad, though, as it looks to be super hard to find. I guess I’ll just have to stalk Mandarake and such til one shows up.

There’s one on eBay here for 50$…which honestly doesn’t seem that bad. I’m possibly paying ~4,000 yen for the SCM EX Zeta Unit 3 which is about as hard to find as the G-3. Considering they aren’t real toys (they’re prize games) that are only around for one run and then usually disappear, 50$ isn’t too bad to me.

Anyway, great kits right? Here’s a Sinanju from awhile back that someone showed me, I think I’ll be doing something similar for my HGUC Sinanju…

Yum, the Black Cherry Comet

Contributing some pictures seeing as too no one has in a while. ENJOY THESE WITH ALL OF YOUR BODY.

I was going through my folder and saw three pictures of Lupes’ Strike Freedom. Now that he is part of the forum…it felt irrelevant.

So when someone says Double Zeta…is this what you think of?

Also Griefer because it is extremely relevant to this thread.

And some RX-78GP-00

1:72 scale Kshatriya. Anyone else want one?

So much want!!! Where can i get one!!! How much!!!


Look for it.

Beertax’s Vicious Project Hi-Nu:

Got one of these conversion kits myself, god knows when I’ll get around to it though.

This. Wat.

Someone tell me they’ve seen this before.

Plus a resin kit of the RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera IF it was ever completed.

That is actually really pretty. I still enjoy my gerbera tetra more however.

Stupid sexy Hi-Nu… And is that Zaku piloting a Big Zam? Regardless of what it is, my pants are tight.

Here’s an oldy but goody. The custom “Bawoo Gundam”.

Woops. Sorry for the doublepost. Here is the image.