Enjoying these MG 1.0 kits once again

After getting a new display case, these older kits finally see the light again. Probably they are as old as I am, if not older. Here are some honest thoughts. First, let’s start with GP-01Fb. With a core fighter inside the chest, the chest articulation is very limited. The shield can either be connected to the rear of the arm through a square connection or be held by the hand. If you choose the later, the shield always lean to the front. The only way to solve this issue is to glue the grip part of the shield to the left hand. The right hand can neither hold the rifle nor sabre tightly. The same is true for GP-02A in terms of the failure of the hand to hold the weapons firmly. Unless you have another support stand, there is no way to display the massive shield together.

For a long time I have been thinking of reproducing the scene in the opening theme. This is how I decided to turn these awesome, good-looking 1.0 kits into statues by gluing the necessary parts.

An irrelevant question - does anyone find it is close to impossible to get an affordable display case these days? This detolf case from Ikea has been in the state of out of stock for a while. Not until I visited the store for the fourth time the previous week, I managed to get the last one in the self-help warehouse. Those on Amazon have price tags that are beyond ridiculous. I could have bought a nice sofa from Ikea with that price range.


The GP02 was my first MG. Back then, I was amazed by it. Today, I can only hope that one day it’ll get a 2.0.

As for the Detolf, I love them. I now have 4. As I picked up 2 more over the weekend from the Ikea store in Charlotte.

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While some older Master Grades do not seemed to age too well, but need to keep in mind that some of them were released almost 30 years ago. In fact, before Master Grade line, some of the mobile suits never seen the 1/100 scale, at least from what can be recalled and the details wise were definitely lacking.

Master Grade line definitely changed some things around in GunPla world. They started to focusing on internal details and have gimmicks like core fighter actually able to dock to form the Gundam and such. Sadly, it does seem like Bandai is favoring HG line a little more these days and Master Grade and Perfect Grade lines were in the decline.

Back to the GPxx ones. If you only have the kits posing in mind and not moving them around or playing with them too much, with articulation problems and unable to pose some fairly difficult poses aside, they were actually pretty decent kits. Pretty decent costs too. The better parts of the older MGs were the instruction full of detailed drawings and the fairly good cardboard of the kit when you open the box, but most of those got done away.

Regardless of whether GPxx Gundams were appealing or not, one thing for certain was that GP02A was pretty beefy kit and GP01, regardless of original or Full Burnern, was one that fully integrated the core fighter as essential for the kit.

The first MG gotten was, if remembered correctly, was RX-78-3. Then gotten the RX-78-2 in the subsequent purchases. Cannot remember much about where it was from, but that was definitely the beginning of the permanent backlog. :rofl:

Detolfs were okay. Got couple of them years ago when they were cheaper. But then never really displaying the kits anymore, so they did sit in the box for quite a long time. Do not really like the unadjustable shelves though and the frame could be slightly beefier for sure but that would most likely decrease usable space.