Endless Waltz

Hi! Does anyone know whether bandai will produce heavyarm custom, sandrock custome, tallgeese iii, and nataku in the form of MG scale 1:100?

I’m not sure when they will produce it but I’m sure they will as I’m waiting for any Gundam Wing Series to become MG. Tallgeese III was already release by Dragon Momoko not Bandai. I’m waiting for Bandai as I heard, the Dragon Momoko breaks easily.

Here’s a nightmare scenario, bandai releases them all as P-Bandai online exclusives :smiley: Yay!

Not a problem. Will just have to buy them all.

They’ve already planned for at LEAST a Sandrock Custom. The standard Sandrock’s shoulder armor is designed to accommodate the additional armor/cloak the Custom has.

I would imagine that eventually they will release them. Honestly, the only one I really want more than any of them, is the Tallgeese III.

When they come out, they’ll probably be exclusives.

If they do start releasing master grades… May they re release dhc from the gol manga. Thing looks BEAST and has more weapons than one single scythe! And altron looks more like its okawara awards counterpart too. These are the first ver ka designs that I actually… Like.

I might be unfair here, but is it any surprise that they haven’t released models for wufei and quatre’s gundams 1/100? They might just be the two least popular characters although I find wufei much more interesting than quatre

I agree. Wufei and the Altron were always more of a favorite of mine. I also agree that if they do ever release these in MG form. They will probably be exclusives. Especially the Tallgeese III.

The marked up price will be a problem for some people :p. But I guess if we want them quicker exclusives are our best bet.

Not really a big fan of Wufei but I like all gundams. Hoping for Bandai to release MG Altron EW. As well as the tear drop version, with a ver ka design but with a bit of TV series spin off.

I actually bought every recent exclusive that were release. I’m just addicted to MG gunplas. Still looking for MG tallgeese II though. I wasn’t around when it was release. I only started gunplas recently.

If they did do up the rest of the Endless Waltz mechs I would be on those like white on rice!

So, do u know where is the store who sells HG 1:100 of heavyarm custom and tallgeese iii? The one who can deliver to Indonesia.

What is p-bandai?

Premium Bandai Online Store. Bandai sometimes releases some of their kits on their online store, but they are usually marketed up in price to justify it as a premium release.