Enamel thinner is still damaging my lacquer base coat

Not sure how, I tested this on a spoon first to avoid damage to my build, and the Revell enamel thinner I was intending to use took off the enamel paint just fine but also attacked the lacquer base coat underneath it. I had planed to used either Enamel or Acrylics for the detail portion of my build but I’m not sure if I missed a step in setting this up or what. I would love to continue on my build but I dont wish to damage it after how long it took me to get this far. Any help would be useful, maybe I need a clear/top coat before proceeding, maybe a different less potent thinner, I’ve heard lighter fluid works best!

This took me a long time to get to and I would REALLY not like to have to do it again, so as said above any help with the thinner problem would be appreciated.

If you’re using enamel paints for detailing. Use Zippo lighter fluid to clean it up. It’s less abrasive then the enamel thinner, and evaporates much faster. So the odds of damaging your base layer or clear coat is much less. I’ve used it for years on my builds.

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ill have to go get some then. Just to double check I shouldnt require a clear of or top coat over the lacquer first right? Thanks for the help.
Also im mainly coming up with barbacue lighter fluid, any idea if that will work?

I have never tried it before, a good test beforehand wouldn’t be a bad idea. But I haven’t had any issues with it in the past.