Enamel panel lining

So I’ve used gundam markers for lining before but was looking to be a little more detailed and advanced. I decided to do panel washing with my Strike Rouge Ootori that i just started building. I started on the head and began the process. I used a small amount of black enamel paint with more enamel thinner (can’t really tell the ratio but more thinner). After applying I realized i should have let it dry, but i noticed pieces started to crack.

One of the sidings cracked, the inner portion cracked open and the crown (V) pretty much cracked in half. I was wondering if the enamel is the cause of this, it is literally “melting” the plastic to it or is it something else. Ive looked online for other options like lighter fluid but most of them suggested the thinner. Did I use to much? help?

Ouch. First of all, my condolence to those affected parts. I feel the pain…

Enamel washes are usually thinned with lighter fluid not enamel thinner. I surmised that it might be the case why the parts cracked because of the enamel thinner. It is very harsh on a bare surface.

The enamel thinner is to blame. It eats away at the plastic. Lighter fluid is much safer.

Voltes and Bossguy are both correct. The thinner is blame, not the paint. Enamel thinner is harsh on bare plastic and doesn’t take much to break it down. Like already stated, use some lighter fluid. I use it to clean up my enamel lining, and it doesn’t harm the plastic.

Yea. Use lighter fluid. Enamel thinner is very corrosive on bare plastic (actually even primed and painted) I have seen quite a few cracks and splits and have one part which actually broke into pieces.

Thanks for the advise guys, i was able to superglue most of the stuff back together, and left to dry. Only the centerpiece to the crown is noticeable but at close up. Hoping nothing else get damaged when i go back to work with it.
Thanks again all.