Dumb question (first Gunpla)


So I decided to grab a gunpla kit on a whim at a local store (XXXG-01S Shenlong), and while I have been enjoying my time making it so far I have a really weird problem

For the arms, how the heck do you even do the step at 3-6? More specifically, attaching the D1-15 part (and D1-1 in the later step), it feels waaay too small and I really don’t want to force it in.

Is there any videos on whatnot to kinda learn this stuff?

From the look of it, you got a MG Shenlong, correct?

Regardless of which though, just more specific will be best, D1-15 slides onto the already built arm frame and D1-1 slides onto it later on.

It might be possible that the parts will feel fairly tight, though you do want them to be tight so they do not slide around afterward, that is if you do not wish to apply glue or anything. Though that might be personal preferences.

If you do not like them too tight, you can definitely use sand paper, filer, sanding stick, and whatever to file the parts a little bit for better fitting. You do want to make sure that you have something that can do a smooth finish on the parts though.

Yeah that’s the one! But to be more specific, I legit cannot understand how I’m supposed to slide D1-15 onto the built arm, since it seems way too thin to slide down the thicker part of the arm.

You don’t attatch the arm to the shoulder until after you slide the armor parts on from the top down. It’s shaped to only fit and still bend one way.

Well, part D1-15 was just like a small block, and if the arm frame was built properly, no misalignment or anything, it should slide in fairly easily.

You can also check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzR-QkoY6yA for how it was slide onto the arm.

Not sure if this is helpful but try to look into the interior of D1-15. There are three thin, rectangular bars in the interior wall arranged in the orientation of T shape (2 at the sides and 1 in front). You will need to align these bars with the respective grooves on the assembled arm piece for a perfect fit.

D1-15 is an armor piece. It is designed to be thicker than the arm frame. You may consider sanding the internal bars as F91 suggested. Don’t worry about over-doing it since you still have D1-1 to hold it in place. If I were you, I would try attaching E14 first. This will give you an idea how deep D1-15 can go.

The Wing and 00 kits are the most straight-forward kits in the MG line because each of the series has a common inner frame. When you get a Heavyarm or Sandrock in the future, you will appreciate the design of the MG Wing series.