Dreams of Moving to The States

im a chinese from malaysia who dreams of moving to the states & get american citizenship. im being deeply upset by the political issues, which will never end as political figures being too comfortable living with lots of money(malaysia has lots of resources + serious government corruption + crazy amount of taxes), education system, transport system(affected by education system), great amount of taxes, crime rates, shrink in currency rates, government service system sucks(including healthcare), government itself is racist, lazy, oversensitive, over exercising of power, both government & opposition parties are full of lies, stupid sodomy charges to prevent winning in election…blablabla…all they care is their wealth & their children studying in oversea…shame on us, singaporean even look down on us. there’s nothing we citizens can do, really. the over exercising of power is so great that reasonable protesting is considered illegal or even if its permitted, the government doesn’t care. u protest, thats ur problem, we wont listen. even the use of word ALLAH(god of islam) is illegal by non-muslim, especially christians. thats the sick mentality.

i love the life in the states, love the food, the generosity of fellow americans. i prefer republic than monarchy. republic is the purest form of democracy. i grew up watching hollywood movies & american tv series. however these are my concerns:

american government:
sry if it offended someone. the “Bush era” is known to have lots of problems like deploying troops, military intervention, war, weapons stuff etc. now is the “Obama era”, should i be worry bout these stuff? is it true that canada’s health care system is better than the states? is there many types of taxes like in malaysia? are the taxes high? is there any problems bout the government that i should know?

i just don’t understand why terrorist hate the states so much…is it cuz of the military intervention of US? or what? september 11 was a very dark day in america. terrorism just dont end. after osama died, a new leader took over his place.

too much freedom:
supposely, civilians have no rights to own firearm, only law enforcers have such rights. great power comes with great responsibilities. strip clubs are even legal, to my surprise. why is that hugh hefner not being arrested or face the court for having so many wives?

crime rates:
i have no idea bout this cuz im not living in US. can someone tell me?

some americans are racists, to the extend that asian american face death. i had read too many articles bout this in wikipedia.

finally, is it hard to obtain an american citizenship?
at the moment i cant decide whats best for my future & my generations. i just feel so confused.

Crime Rates Vary, here for example in a Rural area, it’s mostly small crime, and the occasional Weed growery or Meth Operation but that’s usually some Meth heads out in the boonies, but take somewhere like say Detroit, and you better be worried about geting Jumped.

Racism: There’s racists everywhere no matter the country. Usually most of them are harmless misinformed pricks but then you have White Surpemsy groups but they’re few and far between most places.

Government: Yeah the government has it’s issues, various administations more than others, as for Tax there aren’t a whole lot of diffrent brackets really though for some reason the rich get breaks on it despite having more money (personally I think it needs to be a flat rate acrossed the board).

Freedom: Dude Hugh Hefner dosen’t have a whole bunch of wifes, they aren’t his wifes lol there his bunnies…I guess you can say mistress/employees He isn’t as bad as he seems he’s apparently a real class guy. Over here, moral things like that aren’t looked with as such tabo, granted more taboo is placed on Sex over here than killing people (oposite of Europe) but that’s the great thing about America, you don’t have to worry about people saying you can’t go to the titty bar after a hard days work. Having more than one wife is Technically illegal as well, but it does happen, just one is usually legal and the other ones are unoffcial Marriage. About the right to bear arms, most people use them for protection, or more commonly recreational purposes. Most people who commit gun crimes usually don’t aquire them leagaly.

Terrorism: Well, Who dosen’t hate Terrorists to some extent? The big hate really comes from over sensasionalizeing it in the media. In reality your average American isn’t as gung ho about it as the Stereotype portrays. Granted it was pretty bad post 9/11 but it isn’t too bad now.

US citizens do have a right to own firearms. Haven’t you seen the news about the various shootings? Because he’s a legal businessman. Immoral maybe but not illegal. Also he hasn’t had two at one time so there’s nothing wrong with that.

I think he was talking about over there only police get to have them.

terrorism: of course everyone hate terrorist. wat i don get is terrorist hate USA more than other countries. both like naturally born to be haters towards each other.

freedom: thanks for correcting me. however there are many ways to relieve stress. going to watch some tities or hook up with soome chicks are bad i think. i understand its body art but that girl is someone’s daughter, or maybe sibling. how would one feel when he’s daughter is nude & guys are watching & teasing? bout firearms, why would people need protection? what are the cops doing? & why is that people who commit crimes doesnt accquire it legally? its far more simple, unlike in malaysia, very very very strict, to the extend that a very very small percentage of people legally own just a pistol. shotguns & rifles are not for citizens. but still almost everyday, people died of gsw. the government is obviously sleeping. corruption i think.

government: so the obama era aint no better than bush’s? i though obama is the guy who loves peace instead of going war for profit.

crime rates: nyc is too populated, there’re triads if im not mistaken. traffic jam too. how bout miami? still need to worry bout getting jumped?

racism: if that’s the case i feel relieved, but in some cases, death occured. i was shocked. in a case, danny chen, an army soldier died cuz of his white comrades bullying him. i was like what? even soldiers do such horrible stuffs.

Because if you aquire a hand gun legaly there’s usually a paper trail with hand guns you have to register them and such, there’s also Backround checks. Also cops aren’t everywhere at once.

I didn’t say the Obama Era wasn’t better, just that each era has it’s issues, to be honest there are few great presidents, and far more Mediocre ones, and then there’s a few that aren’t exactly good either. Obama’s done some good stuff but he ain’t great either.

Certain parts of Miami have high crime, but Touristy and nicer areas should be fine.

About the Playboy thing, it’s the Daughters Decsicion, Hugh Dosen’t force them at at 18+ Their mothers and fathers have no controll over them legaly anymore. So dosen’t really matter how they feel about it in the long run.

oh i see. so which state or city would u recommend? is it hard to apply the citizenship there? i heared they say its very difficult.

Honestly, while I’d love to recommend the US, you’re probably better off moving to Canada where the crime rate is lower, the government is less corrupt, and the healthcare system is better for the average person. That said, the US is still a better place to live than most. As far as Hugh Hefner goes, he may have a lot of girlfriends at once, but he’s still more moral than 95% of our politicians and businessmen.

thanks a lot. so are u a canadian? if thats the case, is it hard for one to obtain citizenship?

I’m American. Canadian citizenship is easier, I think. If nothing else, legal immigrants are entitled to make use of their excellent single payer healthcare system within months of immigrating there. It’s been a couple of years since I last looked into Canadian citizenship, though, so they might have changed the rules since then. With any country though, you generally have to apply for resident alien status before you can seek citizenship. In the US for instance, once you’ve legally immigrated, you have to live here uninterrupted for four years and take a test.

so given the fact that canada runs on parliamentary monarchy, i assume its freedom is not as much as in US right? is there any unhealthy stuffs like strip clubs? the people there are caucasians like US right? since the official language is english & french, a canadian student need to just study english or both? are there many kinds of taxes? are they high? is the standard of living high? how bout the education & transport system?

Canadians are just as free as Americans, if not more so, since the parliamentary system is more representative. There’s strip clubs and guns just like the US. The language you need mostly depends on your province French for Quebec, English for everywhere else. Canadians are mostly caucasian, just like the US, but depending on where you go there are significant numbers of non-whites as well. Vancouver for instance has a relatively large Asian population with lots of immigrants. Big cities in general have more immigrants and greater ethnic and religious diversity than rural areas, regardless of country.

wait a minute, firearms are legal or illegal?

I should add the British monarchy has no actual political authority in Britain itself at this point, much less the rest of the British Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, etc.).

Firearms are legal in both countries. The specific rules and restrictions vary from place to place, but both countries allow private citizens to own guns (provided they have the proper permits). What types of guns, how many guns one can purchase at once (assuming there is a limit), concealed carry or not, are a few examples of some of the restrictions that vary from place to place.

oh i see. thanks a lot.

I right now am within arms reach of an AR-15, SKS, 44 Spl, 30-06, .22, and a 12 gauge. We have a right to bear arms. And i make it a point to exercise thar right. Oh and under my bed is an ammo can of 5.56 and 7.62x39. Well the .22 and the 12 gauge aren’t technically within arms reach there by my door in their cases. Lol. The .44 is my pillow gun amd my SKS and 30-06 lean up against my bed. Oh and i have more firearms in the safe.

btw, zeta-G, its weird that people normally doesnt hear much bout canada. i search wiki & turns out they have only 3 national car manufactures. i nvr heared either 1 of them.

u sounds extremely dangerous & volatile to me.

Its only as dangerous as you let it be.