Dream Gundam Thread

As the thread title suggests, post your ideal Gundam here.

Gundam F91 (including all its basic features) with :

Melee weapons attached to its feet, its shoulders, and its arm
ECM Hyperjammers
Additional packs similar to what the V2 has
The Epyon system
An I field.

I’d like it mostly to be painted creme (as in creme color), navy blue and crimson

I would say Gundam Exia with all its glory and TransAm mode. Incorporated into the system is a ZERO system from the Wing or Epyon Gundam. Throw in a Psychoframe and a Neutron Jammer Canceller (in case I end up in the cosmic era) and we’ll call it a day. Of course with all these system enhancements, I’ll probably become a MS pilot who no longer has control of his mind O_O I would like to add in a transformation to some type of mobile armor mode, but I don’t how that would look on the Exia. It would make for an ideal getaway system.

For armaments:
Exia’s GN Sword Kai/Shield/Beam rifle combo
2 GN beam sabers that can be combined into a double bladed saber
I-field generator in the arms
One of Sandrock’s heat blades
(Essentially a close combat machine of DOOM!)

I would have a Rick Dom color scheme to the unit and GN particles would be orange instead of green.

Gundam GP04 with the GP03’s Dendrobium.

Gundamit, that comment was manly

Well so I can be game breaking:

The suit is Turn A plus Turn X with 00 Qant’s teleporting and GN Triplet-Drive System O.o The pilot is a Ultimate Coordinator like Jesus Yamato, with his plot armor too, Judau Ashta’s Newtype abilities, Seabook Arno’s piloting experience, and Master Asia’s general badassery.

Game Over.

Ginga drops the mic and walks off stage

Well… $#!*.

Lets see. Ill take the tallgeese 2 ,paint it black equip it with the zero system. And a high mega cannon. And two twin gn drives with trans am .install a 360 cock pit. Two cup holders. A mini fridge. Internet ready capabilities. And to top it off it will be smart phone friendly. I kn the tallgeese 2 technically isnt a gundam but we will make it one