Dragon Ball / Z

Well, there wasn’t a thread about it here, and it’s one of the only other non mecha anime I’m actually into… (and grew up on)

There have to be some fans here, right? (say yes, lol)

Yes! I have watched all of DBZ and love it

Who hasn’t watched DBZ, lolz ?

Speaking of which, which “Saga” do you favor most ?

Personally speaking, I fancy viewing Trunks’ saga.

I love that period of 3 years during the Trunks / Androids saga. That’s when the earlier movies happened, or so it’s assumed.

The Buu saga was awesome. The grown up Gohan and the introduction to Fusion really made it good. Too bad on Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Piccolo dying when the earth explodes. Kind of a cheap death. Hercule being the only person to never actually die must be a joke…

GT - Meh. If it where an OVA… it wouldn’t have ruined my life so much…

Would anyone agree with me?

Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z >>>> Dragon Ball GT

depending on what you actually anticipate and demand, either does dbz or db turn out to be simply better.

No, frankly admitting, I’ve never been find of the buu saga including Gohan lessening in strength since vanquishing cell

I just find Dragon Ball more entertaining than Dragon Ball Z. Young Goku’s innocence was priceless. It was funny and heartwarming. This series just leaves me with a good after-taste.

Dragon Ball Z is great. The series shifted on a more serious tone. The fight scenes became more ambitious. This is the first time I saw someone being punched and will fly through several mountains as if it’s just part of their day. You just can’t help but be pumped up at the fast-paced action and exchange of punches.

Saiyan Saga, Freeza Saga, Android Saga, and Cell Games were great. I can’t compare all of them as they are all great on their own.

The very first fight between Goku and Vegeta was epic. It was considered one of the best fights in DBZ. The first appearance of SSJ was epic in Freeza Saga. Android Saga was great because of the mysterious nature Trunks. Gohan’s SSJ2 and Goku’s death are the best part of Cell games.

The Buu saga was a little less exciting than the previous sagas. The only thing that I enjoyed about the Buu Saga was the fight between Majin Vegeta and SSJ2 Goku. It felt like they had a lot of opprtunities to defeat Buu, but it was prolonged up to the point that they had to use the Dragon Balls to defeat Buu. I had fun with it anyway. I can forgive Buu Saga.

GT was the least that I had enjoyed. I heard that Toei were trying to capture the similar funny and heartwarming experience of the young Goku that’s why they try to force Goku in being a kid again, but it was a failure. SSJ4 was a departure from the SSJ consistencies with it being the only transformation without a golden hair. Gohan just became so weak compared to the other saga. Plus, GT was not created by Akira Toriyama, and it had no manga origin unlike Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

These are just my opinions. If I have stated some incorrect facts though, please feel free to correct me.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a bit of GT. I thought the Baby saga was epic, and the Super Android 17 was a nice touch. I always wondered what happened to 17. The suckish part was making it so far ahead into the future. It could have been a little while after the Buu Saga. I think the time gap is what ruined it. That and the ending.

I would!

Though really, I’ve only watched very little DB and almost none of DBZ and none of GT.

I have read most of the Manga though. Which is fantastic, if you’re a fan and haven’t already read it you should give it a try.

I’m in the process of watching Dragon Ball and am about 30 episodes in and it’s been awesome. I love the humor and innocence of the show. It’s probably one of the most entertaining things I’ve watched in a long time. Especially after the marathon of watching the entirety of the ultra serious Gundam franchise.

I’ve only seen about 3 or 4 episodes of DBZ and I know it’s faults but having read well into it’s story in the manga I’m very excited to see it’s animated counterpart.

I’m going to watch it all, even GT, and I’m quite a bit more excited to watch all of it than I’ve been to watch any anime in quite a long time.

I know you’ll enjoy it, Amuro Ray.

You also will find some filler in the anime not seen in the manga. Some people don’t like it, but I for one think it’s a good reward to fans.

My favorite filler was the time when Goku and Piccolo was forced to apply for a driver’s license. Hahahah! That’s so funny!

Same here.
It has remained unforgiven to this day.

Ive seen all of DB,Z and GT. DB and Z Were the best {I grew up on Z} and GT Well The Shadow Dragon Idea was nice and I liked the Baby Saga. Never was a Buu fan other than the fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta and the Kid Buu fight Fusion was a neat concept though

Never watched the episodes, after I saw some I was bored to death by the still pictures and looooooooooooooooong exhausting moments of nothing :smiley:
But I have all 42 german manga comic-books at home and read through all of them about 5 or 6 times, always fun and inspiring :slight_smile:

Anyone watch the anniversary ova that came out a year or so back? Was pretty entertaining where you meet Vegetas younger brother. XD

The new movie is coming out soon as well!

Tarble, yeah, that was quite the shock. Here’s hoping he appears in the new movie. I like Vegeta but, Tarble is more well mannered.

The anime was cool. but incredibly tedious to watch.
IMO, Dragonball is better than its successor in terms of entertainment.

It’s because fights don’t go up to 30-40 episodes in Dragon Ball. Frieza says he’ll detonate the planet in 5 minutes, but it takes… several hours, at most. For us watching, it had to be around 20 or more episodes.

Back in Dragon Ball- Each episode presents a new surprise, and overall doesn’t take weeks to end.
We watched this on television. Luckily it was presented to us 5 episodes a week, so it finished playing in about 3 years.

Unlike other anime, I can’t reccomend any easy method of watching this show.

new movie…??

The 14th movie coming this April. It will happen right after the end of Z, and before GT. The anime and manga are two different continuities. The manga doesn’t acknowledge the presence of the movies or GT or the OVAs. The 2008 ova just might be an exception, but nobody confirmed this yet.