Dovenwolf (Sleeves Ver.) Out of Box

The ancient Dovenwolf kit from the mid 1980’s was about the third Gundam kit I ever built. For some reason, I really liked its big backpack towers and generally huge appearance. It was so much bigger than the 1/144 Gundam I built before it. However, if you’ve ever built any of the 80’s ZZ kits, you know that they aren’t very good, and that the newer kits just dominate them hands down.

I’ve always wanted to do another Dovenwolf, but I couldn’t bring myself to build another cruddy old ZZ kit, so I held on for an HGUC version. I thought it was a sure thing, but eventually I gave up hope on it. Of course, that’s when Bandai announced the new HGUC Dovenwolf (Unicorn Ver.)! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for the normal ZZ one, so I went out and picked up the Sleeves version.

Check out my out of box review of this new version. It’s not even in the same league as the old one (thank goodness!).

If they made a MG Döven Wolf id buy one.

Oh man, that would be great!

It would be one huge kit, though, that’s for sure! This thing’s almost as tall as an MG as it is!

Yea because its so big u know they would never do it. But man that would be awesome.

Interesting fact about the Doven Wolf’s name: Doven is derived from the Old Norse word Dofinn which means dead/death. So the MS’s name translates into the Death Wolf.

You need to go on Jeopardy man. Lol

You give too much credit, even though I actually watch Jeopardy with my family during dinner.

Lol. Me and my grandmother watch it a lot too. You learn a lot.

I didn’t know that about the Dovenwolf; that makes it even cooler!

I watch Jeopardy all the time, too; I put it on in the background while I’m modelling, so I can do two things at once.