Dovenwolf; Old vs. New

One great thing about getting a nice, new HGUC kit is seeing how it stacks up against the old version of itself. Usually, you’d think that the new kit would be better, and you’d be right, of course. However, what’s really interesting is seeing just how the folks at Bandai/Sunrise have tweaked an old design to fit the modern aesthetic.

When I got my HGUC Dovenwolf, I was very excited, because the original was one of the first Gundam kits I’d ever built. I was eager to finish it and not only see how far my skills had come, but also to see how the design had evolved.

Thankfully, I’m able to say that I have gotten better in the past 15 years of modelling. As much as I’ve changed, though, so has the Dovenwolf! The new one is actually almost completely different from the original, despite being extremely similar! Confused? Well, the best way to describe it is just to show it to you!

I’ve put up some interesting comparison pictures of the new vs. the old, so you can see just how things have changed. Just as the new Jegan kit leaves the old one in the dust, so too does the Dovenwolf! Check out the head-to-head competition below!