Does GP Scriber really work?

Anybody ever tried Gunprimer scriber for panel line scribing. I have an old RX-78-2 OYW 1/100 version with panel lining too shallow for the enamel to flow down. Do I need to sand down the residue after scribing? the ad said it does not need to sand down after scribing.

This one I’m talking about

There’s a few video on this product on YouTube, unfortunately I don’t think any of them are in English.

As someone who’s wasted a lot of money on cheap scribing tools and who’s made a few scribing tools I personally wouldn’t by it. It’s hard to be good quality chisels for panel line scribing.

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As someone who’s used this, it’s not really a scriber that creates lines.

It’s more of a scriber that deepens the depth of existing lines, so that panel line washes can stick better.

I use BMC scribers. They’re expensive, and you have to buy multiple sizes. But they’re worth the cost if you plan on using them a lot.


I have several different scribing tools, and I have to say BMC Chisels are by far my favorite and to they are worth the money. If someone is looking to clean up existing lines all the really need is a 0.10 or 0.125 and a 0.20. The BMC Dammo Chisels are nice for cleaning up edges.

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Do they work well with the existing shallow panel lines? Do you need to sand down after scribbling to clean up the residue? Do you feel better/ easier to control that pencil? Most scriber tools leave a mess after using and sometimes you end up with multiple unclean lines.

Its a was of money. There are cheaper options out there if you don’t want to buy Chisels.

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Yes, but the thing about it is you just use it to deepen panel lines, if you wanna make new ones, you still need chisels.

Were can I find a set of BMC Chisels though? I looked everywhere they’re expensive as all get out.

Hobby Link Japan
Volkswagen USA
USA gundam store
Newtype hq.

BMC Chisels are expensive, but its because they are high quality tools. I buy 1 or 2 at a time when I find them in-stock.

Honestly you only need a 0.125 and a 0.2 BMC Chisels for doing panel lines on most HG and MG kits.

A bright side the the BMC Chisels is they are large enough that you don’t need the Chisel holder unlike other brands in order to use them.

A lot of people like to us Madwork chisel as a slightly cheaper alternative to BMC CHISELS. Which can be bought at
USA gundam store, Amazon and Galactic Toys.

Galactic toys also sales a brand of Scribes called Dspiae, but I have Zero experience with that brand so I can’t give an opinion on them. They might be a good option for someone trying to get into scribing.
When I first tried scribing as a teenager I used what I had on hand. I useda thumb tack in a pin vise to start my line. The I went back over it with a flat blade screwdriver from a micro screwdriver set. It works for some on a budget. That was the traditional way of adding panel lines before scribing tools became readily available.

I have a few BMC chisels. And they are some good products. I only have about 4-5 of them. Plus the handle tool. But they are worth it if you’re wanting to get into custom lines.