Does GP Scriber really work?

Anybody ever tried Gunprimer scriber for panel line scribing. I have an old RX-78-2 OYW 1/100 version with panel lining too shallow for the enamel to flow down. Do I need to sand down the residue after scribing? the ad said it does not need to sand down after scribing.

This one I’m talking about

There’s a few video on this product on YouTube, unfortunately I don’t think any of them are in English.

As someone who’s wasted a lot of money on cheap scribing tools and who’s made a few scribing tools I personally wouldn’t by it. It’s hard to be good quality chisels for panel line scribing.

As someone who’s used this, it’s not really a scriber that creates lines.

It’s more of a scriber that deepens the depth of existing lines, so that panel line washes can stick better.

I use BMC scribers. They’re expensive, and you have to buy multiple sizes. But they’re worth the cost if you plan on using them a lot.

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I have several different scribing tools, and I have to say BMC Chisels are by far my favorite and to they are worth the money. If someone is looking to clean up existing lines all the really need is a 0.10 or 0.125 and a 0.20. The BMC Dammo Chisels are nice for cleaning up edges.

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