Does anyone paint pilot figures?

I never keep the pilot figures until recently. For some unknown reasons, I decided to paint Setsuna, which is the first pilot figure that I have ever painted. Although the process is challenging, the sense of satisfaction working on a tiny object is very rewarding. One detail that I omitted is the two parallel white stripes on the suit.

Appreciated if anyone can share any tips to improve my skills in hand-painting pilot figures.


I’ve been wanting to try that. Just not sure on what I’d need. Mainly unsure how to find the right paints.

Great job on yours :slight_smile:

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I have in the past. But not every figure gets painted. Most of the time it’s the pilot in the cockpit that gets painted.

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I painted the Milliardo minifig that came with the TGIII. Can’t find a pic of it now, but I enjoyed painting it. Primed with the usual Mr. Surfacer 1200 and then handpainted using Vallejo Model Color with a couple of detail paintbrushes. Also painted the cow that comes with the MG Turn A because you don’t get that kit and skip on painting the cow (unless you’re a heartless bastard). For that one, I didn’t even bother priming, just painted flat black splotches using a detail brush.

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I paint my pilot figures, usually I do a whole group at a time when I’m burnt out on working on the actual model kits.

I usually just take a black paint marker and coat the whole thing, then take an eraser and rub off anything that’s not recessed (really helps the details pop) then go in with a small brush and thin acrylic paint.

Usually starting with skin and working upwards in layers.

They don’t look the greatest, but you can tell who they’re supposed to be lol

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is there a good palce to get scale human pilot figures if your model kit doesnt come with a figure?

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You could get something like this,

There’s figures out there for model aircraft, but im not sure how they’ll scale with gunpla.


I use the same paints that I used for gunplas. Usually I use Mr. Color unless I want the kits to shine like the titanium versions, then I use Testors. Their gloss paints are beyond exceptional. You can find some good fine brushes for about $7 in Michaels.


As always, you works are spectacular!!