Doan's Island previews looking good

The promos for Cucuruz Doan’s Island previews are starting to show up, and I must say I like what i’ve seen and heard so far. The story centers around Zeon solder Doan who deserted from Zeon and is now living a peaceful life on an island looking after some war orphans, and when the White Base and Amuro show up, he fears Zeon and the war are not far behind them.
This is one I am looking forward to seeing.
James Staley

That’s pretty much the story, Amaro and the Whtie Base crew help Doan fight off the Zeon in the original Japanese episode.

I watched the Japanese episode on Youtube last night, and it was OKay. Supposedly the reason it wasn’t aired was because of some “technical” or “quality-control” issues that Tomino was upset over, NOT the story. The reason they are re-doing it now is because of the newer, better, (prettier) animation that is available today.

I’ve, seen the original one years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing the new one.

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They literally painted outside of the ink cells and some of the line inking is scuffed as hell. I love that episode for the derpy stills.

The movie definitely have new things added into it in order to drag it toward almost the 2 hour mark. The characters in there seemed to go for some type of retro look, seen it before, but cannot remember where was that style last seen. Character details definitely were not as sharply drawn as ones you might seen on, say Unicorn, Narrative, or Hathaway’s Flash, especially the faces.

The mobile suits and other mechanical stuffs though, definitely look way better.

I noticed that too, about the “retro” look of the characters, while the rest of the animation looks very sharp and modern. And of course, the true stars of the show, the Gundam and Doan’s Zaku, are going to be drawn in beautiful detail. That was one of the problems of the original episode, why it was never released: sloppy art.

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