Do or Don't collect any SD

I met some of my friends. They dislike SD Gundam plastic kit… and most of their collectors are MG and HG. I don’t criticize on any SD Gundam because I still like all of it no matter what…
Like it or not, you can tell the reason here. I will not interrupt… Peace…

I hope I’m reading this right…Apologies if I’m not. It’s late on my end, and I made the mistake of drinking coffee too late again.

Anyway, the reasons a lot of people don’t like the SD style varies. There’s not really any definitive reason, but even if there is…If the SD kits make you happy, why should their opinion matter? So long as you’re not rude about it or something, it’s fine. It’s not an easy thing to learn, as I know far too well, but thinking that way has helped a lot. Outside opinions are great, but they shouldn’t be the determining factor like I get the vibe from here. But that might just be me reading too much into it while sleep deprived.

Personally, I haven’t gotten more SD kits because I like having more of an emotional connection to the character (or in the grander scheme of the genre, the piloting character) first. As of writing this, I’ve only seen SDGF in full and I’m currently working on G Gundam, and so (outside special cases) I’m only focused on the kits pertaining to those two. SDGF kits are pretty rare; there’s only two versions of Captain Gundam on Amazon and no SDGF kits at all on usagundam when I checked a few days ago. I’ve seen some that don’t have any detailing, but only in image form, so until I watch the other SD series out there…The pickings are small. But to me, that just makes the few I can get all the more special.

Long story short; do what makes you happy. It’s good to hear other opinions, but that’s what matters at the end of the day.

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I have a few SDs. My choices mostly came cause of availability, or interest based on gimmicks. Not the biggest fan of the proportions, but some of them are alright. As a tech junkie vs a single universe fan, I just buy a bunch of stuff.

For the most, prior to Build Fighters Try, I only picked up stuff I came across cheap. I liked Star Winning from Try, and it’s transformation to real mode, so I ended up picking up a couple of them. With Build Divers we got the RX-Zeromaru with the same gimmick, in the newer 3 head scale. I ended up getting both versions of it.

Beyond that I got a few others recently based in their availability, and cheaper costs. Included in this is the newest iterations of the RX78, X1 Crossbone, and 2 Daio Chan Kshatriya, to make custom stuff from eventually.

My biggest problem with SDs is the way the kits are made. They have so many voids exposed, and crappy color separation. I’d be willing to pay a little more for them if the closed up the exposed gaps with just simple push in plates, and break the colors more than just giving giant sticker sheets.


I like the look of SD kits but I don’t really buy them because I want some more options than the usual Main Character Gundams we get.

Like I’d love an SD version of Gundam Vidar, Arche Gundam, Gundam G-Arcane, stuff like that. And even more non-Gundam designs like the Dijeh or the Jesta.

I guess I just want more choices.

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