Dlinker's Completed Collection

I mentioned in some posts here the kits I’ve worked on and I figure it’s time to start showing them. My apologies for the picture quality of everything here, I took a lot of them on short notice.

HG Age-1 Normal:

HG Astray Blue Frame:

You AGE-1 looks really good man. And your M1 Astray looks awesome.

HGUC Zaku Sniper Yonem Kirks version (fully painted and with Bandai decals):

HG QanT with GN IV Full Saber (fully painted, but the kit itself is only matte coated with Bandai decals):

HGUC Banshee Destroy Mode, which is still waiting on decals :frowning: Fully painted and my apologies for the lighting. Yes, I have him wielding the Anti-Ship Sword from the RG Skygrasper, haha:

MG God/Burning Gundam. OOB with only the green parts on the head painted with the Metallic Green gundam marker (eyes are stickers):

MG Strike Noir, another OOB kit with Gundam Marker used for the metallic blue details. Panel lines on all kits so far have been done with .03mm pencil lead:

MG Epyon Ver. Ka. OOB again with the green parts on the torso and legs painted with Metallic Green gundam marker:

MG MK.II Titans Version 2.0. OOB with painted gun, shield, inner frame, thrusters, and other minor details. This was my test kit using automotive clear coat, then followed up with Mr. Hobby Matte Topcoat:

RG Aile Strike. OOB with minor painted details. Tried to do an acrylic wash on it with bare plastic and it didn’t turn out too well…

Thanks for the compliment. I’ve decided to “update” the Blue Frame later on with a better paint job. I did a crappy job painting the details and the shield with Gundam Markers, I think.

At least now I know I didn’t do too bad of a job with them, being the first two kits I worked on since starting the hobby :slight_smile:

You’re other kits look great man. Glad to see another fan of the Epyon. After seeing yours I kinda wish I had put all the decals on mine. Your Banshee looks great too.

Thanks again for the kind words :). You’re an Epyon man also? I got the kit to challenge myself after reading that the dark colors were a pain to work with when de-nubbing them. A few firsts for me when I worked on it: first time sanding dark-colored parts, first time working with Dry Transfer decals, and first time I did the panel lines using a gundam marker. My only complaints with it are the front skirts since they inhibit the poseability a bit (and they keep popping off) and how it has its own way to mount on a stand. And the decals, now that I think back on it. Dry transfers on curved surfaces is not fun. At all.

The Banshee was a ton of work with a good number of long stories to go with it. I’ve been meaning to find parts to create a second set of forearms so I can swap out between the claw/beam smartgun combo with normal hands without taking them apart. Sadly, I think the only way to do it is buy the kit again.

On a somewhat related note, I think I’ll need to take better pictures of some of my kits again. Too much light and shadow, haha.

Here are some photos of my HGUC Banshee Destroy Mode again, now that it is officially completed. Finished applying the custom decals from SamuelDecal (which were not as easy since they weren’t pre-cut and didn’t have a protective topcoat on them), then brushing on a flat coat of Future.

Man, your HGUC Banshee looks amazing. Really makes me wish I had gotten the stickers for mine.

Your comments are much appreciated, as always. I remember you saying you still had plans for your Banshee later on. These special decals will be a good place for you to start. They cost me about $17 (with shipping already) for both the gold and white versions and there’s plenty of them on the sheets, if you want to use them for other kits. Just remember to use some decal top-coating solution first or else you’ll start rubbing out the decals as you cut them. I found out the hard way after accidentally rubbing a few out as I held the sheet down to cut :frowning:

Awesome collection comrade! Diggin that 00 Quanta and Banshee!

Dlinker: If I didn’t already say it, that HG Banshee is boss. Great job on the decals.

Thanks for the comments, guys. Always appreciate it :slight_smile: I haven’t put anything up here yet because I’ve been too lazy to take pictures and I’m too busy trying to finish my trio of HGUC Jesta kits. I’m buying one of those light box/tent things to make it easier to take pictures of my kits so we’ll see how that goes.