DIY spray booth

I didn’t want to fork over $100+ for one of those spray booths that have become so common online and I had some home Depot credit to use up so I mocked up this design. Thought I’d share as a resource for anyone else looking to make their own:
It’s designed around a 10x20 inch filter. Unfortunately I can’t upload images yet but once I’m not officially a “new user” I’ll update with pics.
Parts list:
1 6x10 inch to 6 inch diameter HVAC register box
1 25 ft, 6 inch diameter expendable dryer duct
2 High flux PC fans
1 AC/DC adapter, 12 V 1 A (scrounged from old electronics)
6 cheap metal L brackets (any kind will do so long as the holes fit right to fix the fans in the register box)
Several sheets of corrugated plastic board (like cardboard but plastic)
I had a bunch of 24x18x5/32 boards so I made cuts like this
10x20 back. 1
6x20 5/16, x2. Top/bottom. 2
6x9 27/32, x2. Sides. 2
10 5/16 x 20 5/16 front. 3
9 1/2 x 20, x2. Front floors. 4 & 5
8 1/2 x 26 1/8 x2.
8 1/2 x 16 x2. 4 & 5 or 7
12 1/2 x 18 31/32 x2
9 1/2 x 16 x2. 6

Duct tape

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Here it is constructed. I used some of the scrap plastic to make an insert for the filter because they are actually not exactly 10x20 in. I’m pretty proud of how well it folds up. I tested it first by spraying some deodorant in the vicinity of the box and it sucked it right up but not with so much force that I would disturb the spray pattern of an airbrush. The register box just connects to a hole I cut in the back that’s the same dimensions. I’m definitely leaving out some details so please reply with questions if you’re interested in making this design yourself.


A lot of people build something similar to this, but they use a plastic tube so the can store it easily.

Can you send me a link or 2? I’d love to get more ideas for when I make the eventual rev 2 of this; the only home built ones I’ve seen are bigger and/or more solid and definitely don’t fold into themselves like this.

Also what part do they use plastic tubing for? If you mean the ductwork, the aluminum isn’t any heavier and actually is more compact for the equivalent expended length compared to plastic tubing. That 25’ of tubing is maybe 1’ long when stored.

You can consider the booth they have at Good Smile Company, . Stumbled onto the video some days ago and while the video was not directly related to spraying booth but rather show case of Good Smile Company, it does show that in the company at the table of the designers, and also somewhere else, they have mini spray booth setup. So maybe you can use their ideas to construct a bit more ideal one…

Great job. I might make this.
I made a much worse version using a cardboard box.It doesnt transform into its own carrying case though.


  • If you use something like spraypaint, the fumes tent to rise, so you might want to have some sort of roof attachment to catch it before it gets sucked up.
  • I layered plasticwrap and then cut it into strips to make vertical blinds, and it helps keep things in, but I usually don’t bother to use it.
  • This is another maybe-overkill, but my bathroom ceiling fan I bought for the suction; it came with a plastic grate cover that forces the air to move around multiple right-angles, so it end up catching the larger stuff and more moist air before it hits the filter. You might be able to make something with plastic or cardboard by getting two of them with staggered holes.
  • If you’re painting with acrylics, which isnt really fumy, you can redirect the air flow over the air compressor’s heat sink, to keep it cool.
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Thanks, feel free to ask any questions if you do.
Thought response:
I did actually try it with some Tamiya rattle cans and it sucked it right up, took off my mask and did a smell test after spraying and got nothing outside the booth

Not sure I can picture your plastic wrap blinds, but sounds interesting

I don’t think the plastic grate cover is overkill. That’s actually something I think I’d try to integrate into a v2 because as is the filter saturates very quickly and reduces the air flow (something I doubt many people using the prebuilt ones even realize). A grate works probably mitigate that a lot. I like the staggered holes idea…I may try that in my current version

Cool idea about the acrylics, though once I got the booth I bought some laquers and have fallen in love them… It’s hard to beat the true metal look of Alclad or even the AK enamels