DIY Hangar Build

Link for photo album

Needed a background for taking pictures. So I built this hangar background using an old sign, HO scale bridge girder parts and styrene strips. The sign had this nice corrugated texture that reminded me of the old hangars I used to work in when I was in the Air Force. Painted with gray spray paint. Applied an oil wash and used Tamiya Weathering sets to give it that grungy used look.


That’s a solid start. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Nice! I took the lazy route and just got in a set of the 4pcs Display Base from eBay, have not had a chance to put them together yet.

Those Hangar Display Bases are very impressive. You can do a lot with them. What I really like about them is the accessories. The cranes and grapples. I don’t think they sell them separately. Are you going to paint it? If you do, paint it a light color like I did my hangar. I worked in a lot of hangars when I was in the Air Force. Hangars are like caves with the lights off. The lighter colors reflects the illumination everywhere, especially underneath the jets.

Thank you. Eventually I’ll add some maintenance stands I’ve been thinking of building.

Yea, I’m more after the cranes and accessories than the wall ;-P. Good idea to paint then in a light color but I probably won’t go too light as it will reflect light source if I use it to film models.

I’m not much of a photographer. I just take a bunch of photos, move the lights and hope I get some decent shots.

Goondam, I have a question about your GM Custom’s foot guards. Did you paint the yellow and black checkerboard detail, or are they decals?

The base was solid yellow trimfilm decal sheet. Then I put the black checker decals on top. I got them at Microscale. They have all kinds of decals. Huge selection stripes and checkers of all sizes and colors.
Here’s link to more photos of that Custom GM