DIY booth for a spray booth

Hi, Im new here and was wondering on tips on spray booths. My partner and I have worked with gundam kits for some time now and have been interested in taking part in airbrushing our kits. The first issue we have. we dont have an extra room or garage to place a spray booth and keep the fumes from spreading throughout the apartment. Secondly, we live in florida and the weather makes it impossible to spray with the humidity levels. I thought maybe buying a, “48” x 48" x 80" - VIVOSUN Grow Tent" in order to spray inside it and use, “Mophorn Explosion Proof Fan 10 Inch(250mm) Utility Blower 350W Explosion Proof Ventilator 110V 60HZ Speed 3450 RPM for Extraction and Ventilation in Potentially Explosive Environments” to deal with the fumes. It does leave enough room to add a 3ft table to place the booth on it and a folding chair (we will have a mask while inside). we planned to place it in the living and run the hose out to the window. mainly im hoping this will be safe from spreading its particles out through the house. so its safe for us and our cat. Im just curious if anyone has a similar condition like ours and what everyone else recommends.

Just get one of this and fold it back up and put it away when you’re not using it.

My first spray booth was a plastic storage bin, a exhaust fan and ac filter.

I have this one, but with the LED light. I love it.

I built my own out of a junk base cabinet, furnace filter and a range hood.

do you have a dedicated area you spray at? i only have our bedroom and living area where we eat to place it. reason why i want to have a tent to keep the toxic particles away from our sleeping or eating area.

I planned on this but having to go over it with my partner, and its sorta complicated with our spacing.

Yea, I have the newer one with the LED and the exhaust coming out the top but it’s a bit of a pain if you have to setup and takedown all the time.

The unit is fairly compact in storage mode and the exhaust hose is about 2ft when not extended.

I use a cardboard box. I got a bathroom ventilation fan and stuck it in another smaller cardboard box on the side with an air filter. Its cheap and it works well enough I can spray other more nasty things like the floor polish, spray paint, etc.

The led lights are too dim and dont help much, but I bought two cheap lamps and at that distance they work fine. In hindsight it might just be better to cut a hole on top and shine the lights through.
To flush the brush out between colors and while cleaning, I just used a glass bottle with some tape over the opening. The air that comes out gets sucked up the fan opening thats off to the right.
It’s ghetto, but it works.