disword's W.I.P thread

I was quite busy packing up stuffs and just noticed here is a WIP section.
Current I’m building a MG EW.ver heavyarms probably one hour a day. Since its gonna be my first attempt using airbrush to paint,
I decided to denub and sand the parts only instead of assembling them.(Zipper bag is a very useful tool to help me sort out the mess :))

I agree, ziplock bags are a god-send when it comes to organizing parts. Are you going with a custom paint scheme or the original colors?

Good luck on your build and using the airbrush. I hope that it turns out well for you.

my plan is just stick with the original colors.(Also, I want to tryout the pre-shading method cuz it looks really good)

Remember to keep your pre-shading paint really thin so you can spray at low PSI, which is required for something detail-oriented like this.

Unless you’re going with the Max method where you spray the entire part in your pre-shade color, then spray the real colors on top.

thanks for the tips~xD .(I was talking about the Max method and just realized there is another one that you only paint the edge of it using pre-shading colors. )

sprayed the primer.i didn’t use the airbrush yet because there was some leftover primer in the spray can.

Got to make the most of what you already bought, haha. Looking good, though. No issues laying down the primer with the can?

And yeah, the other method of pre-shading uses less paint, but requires more precision and time. And probably a thinner needle in the AB.

it was quite good spraying out the primer on the surfaces.The problem was that it smells so bad after I take my mask off :frowning:

Yeah, Mr. Surfacer smells like death so always have plenty of ventilation to get that junk out of the air around you. It looks like you’re spraying outdoors, though, so that’s a very good thing. Perhaps keep your mask on for a few minutes after stopping or even bring a fan with you to disperse the smell even quicker.

Spray that cancer inducing, body killing, nose wrenching substance outside. Wear your respirator until you go back inside. That stuff is nasty.

I am just wondering if there is any less-toxic primers in the market? (I saw a guy using Vallejo primer in a youtube video and I have no idea whether it smells the same as Mr.Surfacer. )

There are less smelly primers, though not as good. The reason why the MR. Surfacer stinks is the propellant and the fact that it’s lacquer based.

I’ve used Vallejo Surface Primer for a few of my kits and it doesn’t smell so that would be your best choice. It’s still not any less harmful in the long run, though, if only because of the particles.

However, if you use that, be aware that it needs 16 hours to cure and can’t be sanded. Seems to work well for acrylics only too.