Displaying 1/144 Funnels?

I’ve seen mention of modifying spent clear runners to display funnels “launching” from their respective suits, but is there a more “official” way of displaying the 1/144 bits that guarantee’s a snug fit the first time without modification?

Unfortunately not. I think that would be a good idea for Bandai. Make some official stands to put them up, with additional adapters for different types of funnels.

I’ve seen people use clear plastic rods for it. They heat up the rods with boiling water and then bend them to whatever angle desired.

That’s what you do with the MG Strike Freedom FBM. So I don’t see why you couldn’t do it with some plain Pla rods.

Wouldn’t the weight buckle it down? Since the Funnel + Effect Part has some pretty good weight to it.

That’s the reason I just cut the Rods to different sizes like you can see here

I think that it’s actually pretty good

And here’s the Dragoons for a better view.

What I can suggest for the Funnels is to just buy some Styrene Sheets (HobbyTown carries them) and cut it to respective sizes, and as long as you can find a way to make it so the rods don’t droop down cause of the weight then heat it up. (One way I’ve learned to do is using a Candle under it and slowly bending the thing, it turns hard fairly quickly if done that way.


You can form them with a hair dryer on high or a candle flame if you’re careful.

^Stick to a hair dryer, anything with a flame tends to blacken any bends. Very annoying to clean off.

Thanks Squee, I’ll keep that in mind.

I also bombarded you with some more PM’s so, sorry about that! XD

My Strike Freedom FBM does suffer from those weight issues of the rods. But you can compensate for that by bending the rods differently that what the manual suggests. Or, go the route you did Sazabee. Which, I think looks better IMO.