Difference between Gundam Robot Damashii and Ver A.N.I.ME

Hi all
Could someone explain to me what are the difference between the Robot Damashii and Robot Damashii VER A.N.I.M.E figures…

Are they essentially the same? I have a few ver A. N.I.M.E figures but I also would love a Sazabi, and a few others that should have more or less same articulation finish etc…


Thanks in advance,

Have none of them, so hopefully someone can chime in, but according to this:

Ver A.N.I.M.E is currently aiming at the First Gundam era ones, with more anime accurate color and whatnot, plus extra parts and improved articulation.

Thanks for the info, Dow anyone collect both lines, do they match well together?

They match fine together. The main difference is accessories. The very anime comes with all kinds of cool effect parts. The sculpts and paint are updated if the figure has been done before. But they fit fine with regular RD because at their core they’re still RD.

Many thanks, what action bases are compatible with these figures?