Despair Memory Gundam SEQUEL, new manga written by Toshiki Inoue

It has been 700 years since a certain “war” in which more than half of the human race lost their lives. The Gundam, which had protected the Earth during the Great War, was no longer necessary for humankind. In such a peaceful world, there was a woman called “Bloody Kaoris”. This is a story of betrayal over the lost “God” named “Gundam”.

A fan translation of the first chapter just got released earlier today. Obviously, there’s not a lot to talk about right but I suspect there will be. Partially because right off the bat it is… very much unlike any other Gundam manga we’ve seen. And partially because the writer is Toshiki Inoue, known for tokusatsu series like Jetman and Donborthers for Super Sentai and 555, Agito, Kiva, and Hibiki for Kamen Rider. And I know fans of those series I’ve seen elsewhere are already interested in where he’s gonna take this. It also looks like this will just get translated as more chapters as it comes out, so might be fun to follow it along in the thread.

I will say about the first chapter that I’m already intrigued.With the setting, there’s already that it’s a heavy implication far future of the U.C. , especially with the images of the RX-78-2. But because it’s not outright states could mean there might be more going on here. Gundam as a symbol has already been played with before but definitely not like this where they’re revered as gods.

And then we have Bloody Kaoris. We have no clue how she was able to survive the fire or shed her old body(? I assume it can’t be a disguise since people identified her by it just tine) for the younger one we later. We know she’s “Neos”, which might have something to do with Newtypes? And she’s referred to as an “an angel sent by god” but how literal exactly is that and what does that even entail when “god” is a giant robot?

I’m interested in figuring out what the deal is here.

Yeah, this sounds like utter ridiculous arthouse bullshit.

I mean, it just sounds complete bizarre, like the ravings of a madman.

I had not heard about this before, but I love Toshiki Inoue so I am down to check out anything he’s writing. :heart:

So is it some type of trend for Gundam series now? Gundam as some type of relic? So far, Iron-Blooded Orphan did it, Witch from Mercury seemed to be going the same route, and now this manga. Actually, Turn A did it first, but have not watch it all the way, so cannot say for certain how Gundam was connected in the story…