DesertTiger's W.I.P. thread

The start of this will mostly be for feed back as I paint my first Gundpla. Then after that I’ll just start posting pictures as I manage to build/paint the other models I have sitting in boxes in my room.

I did my first primer today (by first I mean first ever, in history, not first layer). I circled the two that I had issues with.

The first is the foot, it seems a little thin to me. It’s not really a big deal considering its the bottom of the foot, but it’s a good example. Don’t ask me why I’m painting the bottom of the foot, I want to, judge me. Haha. Anyways, is this too thin or just right for the primer?

The next is where I got too much on it, tried to correct it and it just smeared. I’m not terribly worried about it, just for future reference, what’s the best way to fix too much primer?

I live in an apartment and am crunched for space, is it safe to leave them inside to dry/cure or should I leave them outside on the deck or in the storage closet on my deck? Thanks guys and I’ll keep you posted on this first venture into painting.

Did you airbrush or use cans? If AB, then I think you thinned the primer a bit too much. As long as you can have some windows opened, it should be save to let it drive indoor.

I used a can, I’m using Testor’s Enamel Spray paints for this build. I can’t afford the AB just yet, it’ll probably be a Christmas request. The foot was the thinnest of the pieces, this is what most of them look like.

Does that look good? I wasn’t sure if the primer is supposed to be a full coat or just a little on there.

Having some of the color still showing underneath after a layer of primer doesn’t pose much of an issue. If anything, that’s better than spraying too much; spray too little, you can fix by spraying more later on whereas spraying too much means you’ll run the risk of losing details and/or creating an uneven surface. You’re free to spray until you don’t see the original color though; it’s not an absolute no-no. I do that from time to time, especially if I’m changing to a really different color (like painting a yellow part with a blue color).

Regarding the parts you sprayed, they look good to my eyes.

For storage, if you can’t smell any fumes when in your storage closet, then put them in there. If you do smell something, then perhaps it’s best to leave them outside for a few hours, then bring them in.

Thanks for the info! I noticed on two of the pieces it looks like its flaking a little. What could that be from? Did I just not wash that particular piece well enough or is it related to the humidatity (it’s raining here) or just how I sprayed it? Speaking of washing, how vigorous do you clean your pieces? I’ll hopefully prime the rest of the pieces and add my first layer of base color to these pieces sometime tomorrow afternoon/night since I have an off day.

I use a fine mesh kitchen strainer and a bowl of soupy water, Put all the parts in the strainer. Immerse it into the bowl of soupy water and stir/rub them around with my fingers for about a minute and then stir/rinse it under slow running warm water for a minute or 2.

The flaking could be due to humidity (due to rain) and/or parts that are still a bit greasy. Can’t really fault the spraying method if the other parts are just fine.

I wash my pieces with dishwashing soap and a toothbrush. Put some soap down in a little container, dip the toothbrush a bit along with some warm water, then scrub away at the part for a few seconds. Afterward, dump them in a container of warm water. Then I stir those parts and rinse a couple of times before straining them with a mesh strainer and transferring on some clean shop rags for drying. For really small parts, I just put them in a container with a mix of warm water and dishwashing soap, rub them around, then strain and dry.

Parts are looking really good. Much better than I did the 1st time around. So what are you plans? Are you going with an original scheme or a custom one?

I’m looking to do a custom scheme. It’s going to have a gun metal grey for the frame. Then I’m going to put the armor as mostly black with some red thrown through out on certain pieces. I’m still working out the full paint details but that’s the general gist of it.

I think that will look really cool man. Can’t wait to see it.

It’s been raining excessively here so I haven’t been able to paint anything (I’m in an apartment with 3 other guys and ventilation inside is pretty poor). My Virtue has been put on hold until it clears up so I’ve been working on coming up with paint schemes for my other models and putting together my MG Tallgeese. I’m not painting the Tallgeese except a few hand painted details and then a glossy topcoat on each individual section as I go. Here’s the head waiting on the top coat.

It was my first time ever hand painting, doing seam lines and panel lining. The grey painting is a little sloppy and my seam lines could use some help but all in all I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I also like the green visor (I forgot that Tallgeese has a blue visor and was too lazy to fix it after my first coat). I’m waiting for the glue on the red mane to finish drying so I can spray the top coat on it. I think I’m going to test out the top coat on something else (like the tree maybe) to see how I should apply it for my desired effect.

Here is the front and back of the chest piece. I’m going to do some panel linings and seam work either later today or tomorrow night after work. I’d like to replace the circles with some small BBs or beads but I think that’s a little out of my league ATM and I’ll save that for another project.

The Tallgeese is looking really good man. What are you using for your panel lines?

Just a black Gundam Marker.

Ah ok. I didn’t know if you were painting them or using a wash method.

Sprayed my first layer of topcoat on the head of my Tallgeese today. Sadly it made my gundam marker run just a little but it doesn’t really matter to me, it doesn’t look HORRIBLE but it’s not as clean as I want it to be. I’m going to add another layer tomorrow afternoon. As well as put one on the body. If the weather holds up of course. Just as I went to put a layer of base coat on my Virtue pieces it started raining so sadly I didn’t get to put it on. Hopefully I can knock out a lot of stuff tomorrow and the next day since I don’t work,weather permitting of course.

How many projects are you working on??

Just two. The weather and my lack of inside ventilation has limited me on what I can do with my 1/144 Virtue so I started up my MG Tallgeese that I’m just doing panel lines on, doing small hand painting details and that’s it. Nothing terribly overwhelming. I don’t think I could handle trying to paint two models at once.

I’ve had that top coat issues happen on me a few times with a few kits. I’ve almost quit using my Gundam Marker because of it.

Attempted my first paint today while the weather was still clear. I personally think it was a train wreck. The red turned out alright but the black was all over the place. Some parts are way too heavy. I’m not going to fix it, I’m just going to go with the flow since it’s just the Virtue, but I do have the other colors to improve my technique on. I’m going to put together some more clips and hopefully prime the rest of the pieces tonight if it doesn’t rain as well as add another layer of top coat to the head of my Tallgeese and maybe put a layer on it’s body if I’m in the mood.

Spray painting takes a lot of practice. Took me awhile to get used to it. From the pic though everything looking good. If the paint is enamel, then it should settle down a bit as it dries. As long as there isn’t a ton of paint on the part.