DEATH BATTLE: Heero Yuy/Wing Gundam Zero Vs Shinji Ikari/Eva Unit 01

Since the anime boom in the early 2000s, America has seen a lot of anime. Including giant mech animes.
The most memorable of those days were Mobile Suit Gundam Wing And Neo Genesis Evangelion.
And those mechs have some pretty damn emotional pilots…kinda common now a days.
Pilots like the creepy and cold Gundam Piolot Heero Yuy

And the very soft high school student Eva Pilot Shinji Ikari

with Heero piloting Wing Gundam Zero Custom and Shinji piloting the Eva Unit 01 we are going to analyse their mechs’ weapons and their skills to see
who will win a death battle.

There are lots of things in Eva, especially the Unit 01, that are difficult to measure. It goes beyond the expected science of its universe. Would you consider everything that Unit 01 has achieved or just the standard abilities and weapons?

What it can do. But you have to pick one of the canons.
It’s either the anime from the end of Evangelion or the Shinji/Eva unit 1 from the remake films.
As for Heero, I suppose he can be using the Custom or Tv version of Wing Zero.

For Eva Unit 1 we have to take in the facts. It can only last for five minutes and even if it gets stabbed it can still keep on fighting…Just Shinji is going to scream like a bitch and leave him wide open for another attack.
The Eva Unit 01 has most of it’s weapons. Another thing, compared to Wing Zero, it’s WAY more flexible and a MUCH better close quarter fighter.

However, the Wing Zero is designed for air combat. It has an advantage by taking to the sky and use long range combat using its buster cannons. We all know how Heero can hold his own in close combat against Milliardo, but remember, Heero prefers finishing the job then mess around.

Which leads to another factor. Which pilot is more experienced?
Can Eva Unit mop the floor with the Wing Zero if it went Berserk?

How would the pilots react to each other?
Heero: “This is my target?”
Shinji: “That’s not an angel! There might be a person inside of it!”

There is a LOT to take in to come up with a final conclusion.

When it comes to pilot experience, obviously Heero has the advantage. He shot a bazooka when he was a kid, injuring Treize. Shinji is just a normal kid. Heero is prepared for the kill.

On close range combat, the Unit 01 has the advantage. It’s way too big for a mobile suit, and for a bigger size, it’s flexible.

Wing Zero has the advantage on long range combat. The TBR (TV version) is powerful enough to trigger colony destruction, and it has a long operation time. We just don’t know how AT Field can hold on to the blast of TBR. Strength of the AT Field varies.

If the Unit 01 went berserk, it may win against Wing Zero. At one point, the Unit 01 grew its arm and ate the angel. It moved even after running out of batteries. Zero System can help Heero fight against it and blast it with TBR. It may or may not punch through the AT Field. I’m not sure.

As of now, it’s 50/50 for me. Lots of things are not clear for me.

That’s what makes this fight so special! Both sides have a shot at winning! I see The TV version of Wing Zero has a better shot defeating Eva unit 1 than the EW version…It can transform and has a shield. It NEEDS that.

But what about Laser technology?
Which Suit is more advanced than the other?
Eva unit 1 lacks beam weaponry and relies on bullets and bladed knives.
Wing Zero has beam weaponry. Such as Beam cannons x2 and beam sabers.

If Eva Unit one got stabbed, It will be alright…But Shinji will feel god awful pain
And if Wing Zero got stabbed, well it would blow the frick up depending what stabbed it. I doubt the Unit 1’s combat knives will blow it up in one or two stabs.

Wing Zero’s Advantages
If Wing Zero’s busters are that powerful, one hit from a combined shot could mess up the Eva Unit 01.
Those beam sabers can chop off limbs easily. Eva Unit 01 is more organic than metalic.
The only way for the Eva Unit 01 can regenerate is with other Angel parts. This is a pure one on one fight between a Gundam and an Eva unit. Unless it reattaches its own arm it MIGHT regenerate.
Excellent Air Fighter! If Wing Zero is able to launch Eva Unit 01 in the air and follow through, there will be extreme hell unleashed.
Most likely faster when in Neo Bird mode.
If it can outlast five minutes, Heero can finish Shinji off before the Berserker mode is activated. Heero doesn’t show mercy to his enimies…unless they are Relena.

Eva Unit 01’s Advantages
More Durable to stabs.
Better close range fighter than the Wing Zero. It’s flexibility can wreck the Zero up!
It’s about three time bigger than the Wing Zero! Dude! This can pose a huge problem for the Wing Zero!
Can probably over power the Wing Zero in terms of strength.
If going Berserker mode, then holy crap.

But if both Units enter Zero Mode or Berserker Mode, it sounds more dead even.

Despite The Wing Zero having more advantages than Eva unit 01, I still see it as a draw.

If that’s the case, Heero might be cornered with only one option left. That option is to aim it’s two buster cannons at the Eva from the air. If that Eva unit jumps to reach the Wing Zero, Not only will it blow the frick up after tanking the shot, but crushing the Wing Zero with the last of its strength. Both pilots MOST LIKELY died…but the funny thing is…Both of them will live.

Remember people. Main characters in Giant Mech animes that are protagonists don’t die.
So everyone wins. Shinji and Heero live for unexplained reasons and they both have a drink with each other and call it a day.

I agree with your conclusion. Eva Unit 01 will go berserk the minute it gets attacked by the Wing Zero, forcing Heero to use any advantage he can get to stave off something that has become supernatural. Flight might not be an advantage; for all we know, the Eva can grow wings.

IIRC, Unit 01 do not berserk all of the time. Would anyone agree that Eva units are highly unstable weapons? Its characteristic made the show intersting for me.

This is getting difficult for me. LOL XD

So what you are saying is, just by dumb luck Heero might have a better chance at defeating Shinji?
You do propose a valid point there, but we have to assume THE BEST for our pilots here.
If Berserker mode isn’t achieved after five minutes, Heero can easily finish off Shinji.
But I am still calling this battle a draw.

Well, to have a definitive measure, standard specifications (minus the special abilities of both units) of Unit 01 and Wing Zero (TV Series) plus Heero and Shinji in their respective units, I’ll hand it to Wing Zero.

Using the special abilities of both units will tell a different story. Evas can be very unpredictable due to its supernatural nature. It can defy standard science. In this situation, I’ll call this 60/40 in favor of Unit 01.

But if the unstableness is a factor here, what would cause the Eva Unit 01 to go Berserk in the first place?
Usually it happens when Shinji is in a tight spot, if the Zero System is involved it would push the limits of what Heero can do. The Zero System can happen at will, Berserker mode is sheer luck.
I say the favor goes more for Wing Zero.
Shinji would hesitate with out the Berseker mode, while Heero will execute without hesitating.

That is true. Unit 01 going berserk is just a tool to add drama to the series.

It’s REALLY hard to come up with a conclusion though. I really think it would be a draw, but I still think Heero might be able to win this one. But there might be some things we over looked.

I will think of another DEATH BATTLE Match up…And I am thinking about Loran Cehack/Turn A Gundam vs Simon The Digger/Gurren Lagann
Two almost indestructible mechas. Each having the power to regenerate and making things frickin awesome.
Or maybe Domon/God Gundam Vs Guy/GauGaiGar
For the mega screamers in Super Robot Genre.
Or maybe Roger Craig Smith/Big O Vs Ayato Kamina/Rahxephon for bizarre plot base giant mech animes.
Something like REALLY similar mechs that have about a CLOSE match with each other in terms of fighting abilities.

I should call this Mech Battle!: Taking Other Giant Mechs and have them face each other off in one on one battles to the DEATH.

First of all EVA is way bigger than a gundam. And since it organic its way more agile.

I always thought the Eva goes berserk whenever Shinji faces a threat he can’t handle himself. That’s when his mommy’s spirit inside the Eva takes control and the whole thing goes supernatural. Because they were going up against Angels in the series, I assumed it didn’t go out of control all the time because she wanted Shinji to handle it himself first.

In the case against the Wing Zero, Shinji may hesitate right from the get-go because he’s fighting a fellow human despite said fellow human being a cold-blooded murderer in a machine that can destroy space colonies. In that context, with the threat of death so seemingly close, Berserk Mode is a given.

As for your next proposed battles, I would shy away from super robots unless they’re fighting fellow super robots, haha.

If Heero activates the Zero system showing him all possible outcomes, then he will likely be shown the outcome of Unit-01 going berserk. And I’m pretty sure that would freak even Heero out.
Like some people have pointed out, we don’t really know the full resilience of Unit-01’s AT field, or if it would be able to regenerate after a grazing shot from the Twin Buster Rifle.
I see the battle starting with Heero having Shinji on the run, overpowering him in the air. Then when things seem desperate, (or Heero is running low on energy) Unit-01 pulls through and closely beats Zero in ground combat.
Unless Unit-01 gets access to the Spear of Longinus…but that’s a whole different argument.

I agree with your assessment.

This fight is basically a straight-up machine vs an interstellar organism that’s running on someone’s soul/spirit (two souls/spirits if Shinji gets his act together). Not sure how the Zero System can account for something so unknown and unpredictable.

I’ve never seen NGE (except for ep 1 and 2 convincinjg me to cancel viewing it) but what I can say is that WZC is too overrated IMO.

It’s true that it features a high firepower but I don’t consider it useful. In 1 vs 1 battles you need agile/fast suits that are capable of inflicting damage upon the enemy while moving rapidly.

WZC is no suit intended for 1vs1 battles.

I’d suggest we select the following suits/gundams as opponents for the EVA :


Both include satisfactory close and range combat abilities. How about them?

Hmmm, the 00 Raiser may be a better choice if only because its GN particle magic will even out with the Eva’s supernatural abilities.

Going by first anime shinji had already acquired an s2 engine when it ate the angel giving it an unlimited energy supply and that it’s AT field is more or less indestructible to anything but another At field I’d say shinji would have the upper hand despite his lack of piloting skill

Considering the AT field yes a Gundam just would not have enough power to penetrate it. If without the AT field the Wing Zero could easily blow away an EVA with its beam cannon.