Dealing with Nip Marks?

Sooooo this has been a running issue with all the kits I’ve built; the nip marks. Lighter-colored kits like Shining Gundam and Heavy Weapons Captain are less noticeable with them, but it’s very noticeable with the likes of Titan Prototype and Epyon. Which is a shame, because I want them to look reeeeeally good.

Any ideas on how to deal with them without causing a bunch of marks on the parts? And preferably not paint if possible, since I’m not wanting to mess up horribly?

I’m like as basic a straight builder as you can get (for the moment :yum:) so I’m not one to give out advice.

But when I have noticeable nub marks on a kit I find that the tiniest dab from a Gundam Marker is what works best. Though I just might be easy to please, since I don’t really mind if the shade of marker I use is slightly off.

Not sure if anyone else has any better recommendation. Hopefully so.

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What I typically do, is I clip the part off with the nub still attached. Then I use my nippers to remove the nub as close to the part as possible. Then taking sand paper and smoothing it out.


X2. I do the same thing except after I trim as much of the nub off the part as possible I a fine file to smooth out the edge, then I finish it with sandpaper.

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I’d like to add the use of a fingernail to remove the stress mark for those who don’t paint their kits. Press on the stress mark with a smooth fingernail tip and it goes away.