Database Errors

I’ve been getting this a lot the last few hours.

me too. I hate it.

same here! Hope it will be resolved soon.

Yeah, me too. What’s going on, and how can it be fixed?

Ironically I just got hit with it as soon as I clicked on this link.

I got it earlier, it has since stopped knock on wood

It appears the mods and Administrators have fixed the problem…

Optimus Prime Voice: Thank the Maker…

I think I spoke too soon lol

Right after I posted that I got one…fml
Just got it as well so who knows if it’s fixed or not

Thank god, I thought I was the only one, yeah been geting them allot today, came on just now, and guess what? More of them.

I hope they get fixed ASAP because if they don’t I think I might just go AWOL on the RP’s for awhile because spaming refresh to get in is geting old.

Yeah I have been getting them since yesterday morning, and just got another this morning. I know firefox just updated, so I don’t know if there is something with that or something vbulletin based. So if nothing else, just keep the refresh handy, and soldier on.

Me too. I got hit with them yesterday.


Help! It’s getting a lot worse! Almost to the point where I can’t access the site anymore!

I’ve not been getting them any more.

So…has it been fixed?

Same here. They just magically disappeared.

They’re gone it seems.

Thank the nine.

Optimus Prime Voice: Thank the Maker…

Normal Voice: Again…lol

Well, I haven’t gotten any since last night. So hopefully all that mess has been cleared up.

It happened again. I was stuck on the error page for hours.

Same here.

Same here.i was stuck agin