Daisuki: An OFFICIAL Free Anime Streaming Site

Just as the title says, there is a website that is an official anime streaming site where you can watch anime for free. I checked the site and it is legitimate as they have recognized by ANN alongside Neon Alley and Crunchyroll. Surprisingly, they have a variety of series on there from Lupin the 3rd to Zeta Gundam to Dragonball Z. Here is a link to their site and you can check the legitimacy for yourself.

Edit: I understand that as a general rule, we do not post links to online streaming sites (as most are questionable at best), but keep in mind that they have shareholders much like Hulu.com

Update: It was announced at AX right here in LA that Daisuki has acquired a license for get this… Gundam ZZ! The article can be found here at ANN.

I was about to come in and mention the ZZ thing but you beat me to it.

Odds are it’ll just be a sub but it’s about time there’s an offical sub. I still wish they’d go full release and dub it but this is better than nothing. Hopefully they can get X as well.

AMEN to that friend…man I cant wait for X, maybe this may be the chance lol

Hey, a sub is better than no show at all.

I know that’s what I mean by ‘This is better than nothing’ would still prefer a dub, mainly becaused I’ve seen fansubs of it that are passable enough to get the point acrossed about what was going on. But it’s good for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Attention everyone: It’s Official! Daisuki now has Gundam ZZ for your legal viewing pleasure! Here is a link to the site for the first episode. Also, for a small fee, you can also watch all six episodes of Gundam Unicorn.