D-scythe's really slow WiP thread

Welcome to my WiP thread!
Having assembled a fair number of model kits thus far, I’ve decided to start my own WiP thread where I record every progress made as of now.

I’m going to kick off things with the MG Gp01Fb. I’ve owned this kit since January but I’ve only recently begun working on it.

Here y’go, totally hand-painted, not-masked shield :

Germany colors?

Nah man.
But thanks for the idea.
I’ll perhaps go with a Germany scheme on the 00 Gundam

This is the variety of colors I want to incorporate :

Navy Blue
Metallic Blue
Metallic Grey
Metallic Blue

You’re hand painting looks great man. Everything looks very even and I really can’t see any brush strokes.


Speaking of strokes and stripes, don’t be irritated by those weird looking stripes on the picture below. Blame my mobile’s camera.

Wow, that’s good work. What paints are you using?

That’s an impressive list of colors to be used also. And here I thought having six colors was a big headache, haha.

Wow, thank you ^^

I’m using tamiya X colors (not XF!)

I kn nothing about kits but looks bad ass so far keep up the good work

Very nice work with Tamiya acrylics. Looks like it’s airbrushed. Can’t wait to see the rest of the kit.

Thanks you two ^^

I told ya I worked slowly. xD

Hmmm, what’s going on in that pic?

What are you getting at :S ?

I’d like to know the same thing. I like that shade of red by the way.

Oh my, thanks for the posivitve appraisal.

However, I am still bugged by a few facts :

The right foot’s seam line wasn’t removed at all. Additionally, the left one’s seam line-removal seems to have ruined the paintjob, with some glue being visible.
The white could be better as well.

Ahh, so that’s what you were doing. It could have been that the two parts weren’t squeezed in enough, resulting a slight chasm that the glue tried to fill in, but failed to do so. You have some putty handy? That can fix it up easily. You’ll have to repaint that area, though.

Tbh, I’m too lazy to do that. ._.

I’ve actually painted many parts but I’ve not felt like posting them recently.
I’ll publish them once I’ve painted all of them.

That gunmetal looks awesome man.


Here’s more sneak peek (for the others) :