CycoXIII (@SoCalGunpla)'s WIP

Yes! I’m actually planning on grabbing the kshatriya next. I’ve always wanted to build that suit!

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That one’s on my list too. I think the next one I’m going to get is the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam. Not sure if I want the master grade, or the real grade though…

I would say RG, but I’m biased…

That’s what I’m leaning towards, especially because it’s like $30 cheaper. I also REALLY like the detail on the RG kits.

There’s a couple RG’s I wouldn’t touch because I’ve heard bad things, but the RG version of the Unicorn, Banshee and Strike Freedom are the definitive kits for those suits.

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So, I did a thing today :laughing:

I just can’t help myself with the mobile suits from the Unicorn era, haha. :sweat_smile:

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Here’s my current little project. Finished the Narrative C-Packs, and thought to do a darker color scheme on him, with Titan gold accents. Here is the shield so far. I think it’s going to look neat :smiley:


Looking good man! Are you still working on the Unicorn?

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Haven’t started him yet. I want to make sure my techniques are good before I get him going. Would hate to ruin a $50+ kit, haha. I’m working on building my silver bullet suppressor in between paint drying. I’ll post a WIP picture of him tomorrow :slight_smile:

I do some work with my local hobby shop to help them out. They are not familiar with Gundams, so they don’t know the popular kits, so I help them with ordering. I was talking to them yesterday and asked if they ever thought about building a Gundam and putting it on display. They said they never thought about it, and asked if I would be willing to build them one. Naturally, I said heck yes. So, I have now acquired a HG Sinanju, that will be put on display at my local hobby shop :slight_smile:. So, all my other WIP is put on hold so I can work on this, haha. I’ll try to get a pic tonight.


Couple of updates:

  1. This is the color scheme I’m going with on my Narrative Gundam. So far, I’m really digging it :slight_smile:

  2. This is the Sinanju that I am working on for my local hobby shop. I have decided to paint this kit, as I do not like the red on him. It looks far too plastic-y. Going to go with a metallic red, and changing the yellow to gold:


So, you are going with sort of “dark” version of Narrative look? Is it Neo Titan or something, :smiley:

That’s exactly it, a darker theme :smiley: I’m calling him Shadow Narrative. It’s a little cliche, but my son mentioned it, and it stuck haha.

Heh heh, great! Cannot wait.

Sorry if I missed it, but was it from the A-Pack or the C-Pack? Regardless which pack it was from though, are you going to have the matching A-Pack or B-Pack equipment? :grin:

Hey F91!

This is the C-Pack, and i do plan to buy the B-Pack equipment and add it to him. The thought of the C-Pack with the B-Pack makes me happy :smiley:

The A-Pack is a little much, haha. If I do that one, it’ll be a separate build and different color scheme.

:grin::grin::grin: Excellent. Definitely going to be interesting. Looking forward to the finishing kit as well as any possible add on that you might have planned for it.:smiley:

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So this is the color I’m thinking for my Sinanju. It’s a Chrome Silver underlayer, and clear red over the top. Thoughts?

Did not mean to play reply tag, but not wanting to reply too much on the Acquisitions thread with off topic stuffs.

If you want A-Pack, you can consider getting it from USAGundamStore, and no I am not advertising for them, they will have to pay me in kits if they want me to do that.:grinning: Anyway, they are having a sale on some items, 25% off and A-Pack is one of the item. After discount, it will bring the price down to about $45 or so after tax not including shipping. Granted, it might not be the lowest price, but still a fairly good price.

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If I didn’t just drop $75 on my Heavy Arms, I would get him haha. This hobby can get expensive, lol

Heh, know exactly how you feel. But Gunpla side of my brain always wins out.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, the Shenlong Liaoya Unit is still available for order while Heavyarms Igel is out of stock on Blue Fins.