CycoXIII (@SoCalGunpla)'s WIP

Thanks! :smiley:

I was a little skeptical at first, because it is a lot of black. But the light grey and gold accented it really well.

Looks cool.

But if I may, and this is entirely personal opinion, maybe you want to panel line the mouth lines, the iconic Gundam two lines for mouth, with lighter grey. Also, use brighter red, kind of like the one that you had with spoon, but slightly brighter, for eyes.

The first picture was definitely too dark, but because of that, you can hardly tell the face of the unit. Making it kind of like the generic suspect figure in Detective Conan,"The_Criminal" but without white eyes.

Again, just personal opinion, probably will have clash with your vision though.

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It has been a while since I have posted. I have been super busy with work and life, but my Sinanju that I am building for the hobby shop is almost complete. I’ll have picks posted of him this week. Then I delve into my other kits :slight_smile:

Also, my buddy just got back from Japan and picked up the Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility. So I’m super stoked to work on him.

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Bendi plastic quality sucks… I brought 3 bootleg gundam company called Hongli, TT, and Gao Gao, and the whole thing broke out even cannot last longer than Bandai.

I’m looking forward to seeing your finished Sinanju. I think the metallic red color scheme you chose for it is perfect!

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Thanks! I should have pictures posted by this weekend. All I have left to do is the enamel wash :smiley:

Never owned one of those bootleg before, came close, but realized the kit name should not be in Chinese. Saw some in the stores years back and to people less familiar with Gunpla, they were very very close. But yeah, heard bad things about the plastic.

Though, even Plamobot said the “Super Nova” ones are pretty good. So the bootleg ones might have stepped up on the plastic quality, not sure about the build quality of them all though.

Sinanju is done! Man, I learned a lot building this kit. I was new to weathering, and they style of painting I used on him. Every last inch of him is custom or detailed in one way or another. Now that I’ve done weathering, painting, and custom details! I can’t see myself going back to straight building…


Wow, your Sinanju looks great!

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Thank you!!! The custom paint and weathering has completely changed my perspective of Gunpla. I have a lot more work on my hands with my Sinanju Stein that I’m going to work on now too :slight_smile:

The Sinanju and Narrative look exceptional my friend! I love how the black paint really makes the Narrative look like kin to the Nu Gundam, being that the former is a prototype of the latter. The Sinanju definitely looks like a professional job!

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Thanks for the kind words man!

Here’s my newest WIP: :drooling_face: My buddies picked it up for me when they went to Japan. I plan to do a silver base coat, with a pearl white top coat. Trying to get a metallic white look.


That pearl white idea sounds like a good one. Do you build before you paint, or do you paint as you build?

I usually do, yes. It lets me see how it’s going to look before painting. Kind of helps me visualize the colors and what spots need to be painted.

Here’s my work on the Perfectibility. I love this guy so far, and can’t wait to paint him when I’m done:


That color came out AMAZING. Very deep and bold. Gives it a much more realistic metallic look from the snap build. I like it.

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Thank you so much!

Judging from the V-fin, is it the HGUC one?

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Yessir. Just finished the build, I’ll post some proper pictures later. I am going to paint him, just when I have time.

Excellent, looking forward to it

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