Cyber-Newtype Recovery

Can Cyber-Newtypes recover and potentially live with a normal life without being mentally unstable?

I think it’s gonna heavily vary between the person, methods, etc Remember that in Japanese, it’s just “enhanced human.” How Cyber Newtypes are made is incredibly vague and seem to vary wildly on case by case and faction by faction basis. Was a Newtype awakening forced though psychological conditioning since all humans have the latent potential? Was it done via drugs? Implants? Were they connected to a learning computer like Chloe Croce? Was it done via genetic engineering like a Ple clone?

Later Cyber Netypes might fare better? We’ve seen the Ple clones, but unlike other Cybernewtypes and even natural Newtypes, they didn’t become that way, they just are Newtypes. And whatever messes them us tends to be being used and treated as weapons. And later that Gyunei for example seemed surprisingly well adjusted, though he notably became both a soldier and a Cyber Newtype willingly. So maybe the technology is safer, or maybe they just fare better because they aren’t being forced against their will and tortured.

It’s also probably important to look at reality here. Like putting aside the powers like telepathy, people are experimented on in real life. People are groomed into child soldiers in real life. Looking at that, the answer is yes, but that it’d likely be a very slow process over the course of years. These real life factors are why Cyber Newtypes are the way they are, not any inherent supernatural nature of being a Newtype.

If this is for the purposes of fanfic or roleplay, then really run with it. Maybe the Cyber Newtype sees a therapist and gains a support network of friends in family in the years following a war and that helps them deal with and move forward from the trauma of their Newtype awakening. Maybe if they were awakened via drugs or implants, they get medical care that treats the side effects from a source outside of the faction that awakened them. New drugs they have to take. Surgeries for the removal of the implants or new implants that are less harmful. In either case I personally think it’d be important this wouldn’t reverse the process; what happened happened, they’re still Newtypes, they’re just be better able to deal with everything now. They’d be one of the more fortunate, but definitely could still be a potentially interesting story.